Equestrian A team canter to victory


Lancaster University Equestrian A Team secured four points in Roses 2011 after riding to a clear victory with only 22 penalties. York B cantered to a two point victory with just 30 penalties.

In the dressage test, Eleaner Lett for the Lancaster A Team rode first on a roan mare. Lett started off strong with a straight entrance and a smooth serpentine but became unnerved during the second canter causing an eight penalty deduction. Equestrian Team Captain, Catherine Mclearie, and Hannah Yaqub both had strong dressage tests for the A Team. Sophie Forster, in spite of her a strong record in previous dressage competitions, found it difficult to control her horse during the canter causing constant braking. Despite some difficulties, Lancaster came out on top in the dressage test by 16 points with the York A Team close behind. The York B Team were in third place followed by Lancaster B Team.

In the jumping competition, all the Lancaster riders had a clear round but both York’s A and B Team appeared unnerved by the dressage results. A series of refusals and knockdowns by the York Equestrian Team secured the Lancaster A Teams winning lead by 22 penalties. York B’s came in second place with 30 penalties. In third place was the Lancaster B Team with 72 penalties and York A Team were awarded fourth position.

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