York foil Lancaster’s plans in Men’s Firsts Fencing


York triumphed 125-112 in a closely fought battle that came down to the final bowt of the match. The match was fought over three weapons, Sabre, Foil and Epee respectively. All weapons are fought as a first to 45 should time not run out.

York began with what appeared to be one of their stronger weapons in the Sabre, with a Fencer that represents Latvia rumoured to have a world ranking in their midst. Tom Bowey Strange, Josh Livesey and Rich Moxon could do little to prevent York taking the first weapon with relative ease in spite of their best efforts. York won 45-32.

Lancaster knew they needed to get right back into the match courtesy of the Foil, probably their strongest weapon, to stand any chance in the match. Seb Wysk in his usual flamboyant style showboated his way to a 45-35 win with the help of On Chan and Ben Leavitt.

This meant that Lancaster were only three points behind going into the final weapon, and stood every chance of completing a fantastic comeback. However York stepped up a gear, there was little Seb Wysk, Captain Sean Macur and Matt Amlot could do to prevent the inevitable. York cruised to a 45-35 win to secure a 125-112 win overall.

Sean Macur had this to say “York are a very good team and were the better team on the day. However I am proud of our performance, we have given a very good account of ourselves.”

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