Graduation fever


The time has come for us final years to hang up our party shoes and brace ourselves to join the real word. For the eager learners amongst us, maybe you’re continuing with your studies, but for the majority it is time to get a real job. A job where you can’t sleep until noon or chill out in a beer garden; our time shall be spent, in the words of Dolly Parton, working nine till five.

After three years at university we shall no longer be in education and no longer be a student. Whilst I’m sure you will agree our time here has flown by, it feels like only yesterday my parents waved me off as an awkward fresher unable to cook even the simplest of dishes and with no idea how to use a washing machine. I cannot believe that come September I shall no longer be buying new folders and dividers, but instead I’ll be hunting for office wear and shoes, fit ready for a commute.

There are many impressive skills we can take from our time here at Lancaster. We have the obvious like trying every flavour of shot from Hustle, how to bear a lecture whilst hung-over and even the best places to stop for a take-away at 3am. However, we have also learnt many other tricks of the trade ready for the work force; like mastering a presentation, working effectively in a group and we’re sure to win the prize for multi-tasking. Many students enjoy a night out whilst still attending all their lectures the next day, being a team captain, part of a society or head of a JCR. Keeping busy with our workload, activities and part time jobs means we certainly know how to burn the candle at both ends.

Whilst no one can quite prepare for the mental shock we shall endure switching to working life, we have shown commitment and determination to walk away from Lancaster with a respectable degree. We have learnt the theory and now it is time to join the rat race. Who knows what the Class of 2011 shall become, do we have a future prime minister amongst us, a pop sensation or even the next medical marvel? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure Lancaster has provided an excellent transition period for us; from being mere teenagers at home to living independently and finding our chosen career path.

Whatever you choose to do next year, whether it is further studying, travelling the world or joining the work force, your memories here at Lancaster are sure to last a lifetime. The thought of losing my purple card and leaving Lancaster life behind is of course going to be daunting. I can already predict there shall be plenty of tears shed at graduation, I’m sure a special order from Kleenex has already been confirmed. But surely the uncertain future ahead will be equally as exciting as our university years? Keep in touch with your nearest and dearest and students of Lancaster, we shouldn’t wait too long for a good old knees up, after all a reunion would be the perfect chance to gain autographs of all the famous faces amongst us.

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