Freshers’ Guide 2011: Lancaster nightlife


Dwindling bank balances and 9.00am hangovers have become all too familiar for the SCAN team. With this in mind we thought it was only right to give freshers a clear guide to the best nights out inLancaster, so that you too can experience the joys of those bleary-eyed mornings.


If you want to kick off the week in style Monday nights are one of the best and most popular with students. Going out at the beginning of the week can seem a little odd at first, especially if you know you have a busy few days ahead. But with £1 cocktails at The Lounge and 90p drinks until midnight at Elements, Monday really isn’t a night out often missed.


Tuesday is the home of I Love Vodka at Revolution, the perfect place for cocktails and a cheeky shot stick if you’re feeling adventurous. With two floors there’s space for dancing and a good old chat. One of the SCAN team has made it their mission to try every shot Revolution offers before they graduate; let’s just say it’s a work in progress…


The only place you should be heading on a Wednesday is to the windy shores of Morecambe to visit the legendary Carleton. Ask most students and they’ll tell you that this is the most bonkers but most likely the best night of your week. The Carleton offer their very own lethal cocktail ‘the stiffun’, and a regular fancy dress theme to make it the perfect place for large groups, sports teams and societies to take over the dance floor. If you fancy a night of completely random music and an occasional Macarena, hop on the campus bus from the underpass for £1 every Wednesday night. Trust me, you have to try it at least once.


Skint Nation take over Revolution on Thursdays for a night of fancy dress and freebies. From UV foam parties to grab-a-grand week, this night of cocktails and cash giveaways (if you’re really lucky) is a great excuse to start your weekend early. Retro club Hustle also run a three-for-one offer tonight but good luck busting a move with arms full of alcopops.


The weekend only really feels like it’s started when you head to Sugarhouse, our very own club run by Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU). With music in two rooms ranging from good old cheese and rock classics to dance and dubstep there’s sure to be a reason to escape the locals and embrace the only student club in town.


We love a good Sugar double here in the SCAN office, so it’s back to Sugarhouse where tonight you’re guaranteed to bump into everyone on your course, twice. Saturday nights are always the most popular so you’re set for a night to remember, we hope…


Finally here comes the day of rest. But if lounging around in your pyjamas to watch an omnibus of Corrie is not your thing then there are nine college bars to take your pick from. Most colleges run a quiz on a Sunday so get a team together, call yourselves the Quizzy Rascals and wind down for the week ahead.

Takeaways you should make your friend:

  • Pizetta – Anyone living on campus should not ignore this beacon of pizza and cheesy chips. An absolute must when you’re crawling back from the Carleton.
  • Sultans – If curly fries are your craving or you’re partial to a late night curry, Sultans (just next to LUSU) is the central spot for fast food.
  • Starvin’ Marvin’s – If you’re living in town the Carleton bus will drop you right on the doorstep of Starvin’ Marvin’s, so make the most of it. After all, no night is complete without a burger and chips you’ll instantly regret.

Purple Card discount:

  • LUSU Shop and LUSU Central – Each week Purple Card holders are treated to a special offer or discount. Look for the posters changing around campus to see what’s available on the cheap.
  • Discount meals in town – Most restaurants and some shops and hairdressers will offer a discount when you present your Purple Card. There’s no harm in asking whether Purple Cards will get you a few pennies off,  you’re only a  student once!

Here are SCAN’s top 3 offers:

  • Bella Italia – 50% off for Purple Card holders on a Monday. A great place for a birthday meal.
  • Verdes – Students pay £5.95 for any pizza or pasta all week round. Another one that’s ideal for large groups.
  • Touro – £9.00 for an all you can eat Brazilian feast. I wouldn’t advise going on a night out afterwards though, dancing will not be possible.
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