Library refurbishment addresses student concerns


Part of the Library’s C Floor has undergone significant refurbishments over the summer, in response to student feedback. The renovation has allowed the Library to address two important issues for students, the use of laptops in the building and access to a quiet study area.

Clare Powne, University Librarian, explained that “partitions for offices and workrooms formerly occupied by ISS staff have been taken down to open up two large new seating areas providing almost 100 more study spaces.”

This expansion will allow more students to take advantage of the Library’s resources and work-friendly environment, and will reduce the number of students waiting for vacant study spaces. Powne added that “the additional seating will be particularly beneficial for the exam period, when demand for places in the Library is at its peak.”

Regarding the use of laptops, Powne revealed that “a new area designated for laptop use has a variety of types of furniture intended for portable computing, with power sockets at every space.”

This development has been particularly welcomed by students; second-year Marketing student Holly Moorhead claimed that access to the Library’s power supply for personal laptops will allow her “to spend more time in the library.”

Further advances outlined by Powne include a silent study area, “away from traffic routes through the building [and] with study carrels offering privacy and quiet for individual work”, an alternative to the Learning Zone for students who wish to work without possible auditory distractions.

Second-year Biomedical student Jake Aspinall focused on the increased ease the changes will bring to his studies. “It will be great to have a quiet place to work with easy access to the plethora of useful books in the library,” he said.

On the topic of useful resources, Powne said that “a small amount of mobile compact shelving has been installed to house low-use research material which needs to be retained.” This will essentially free up space on shelves in other parts of the Library, so that students will be able to locate their desired information more easily.

These new study areas are also reported to “benefit from lots of natural light,” which will be ideal to students working for large amounts of time in the building.

Overall, the Library’s refurbishment seems set for success, as noted by second year student Laurence Pullan. “It’s good to see that the facilities for study are improving with the Universities reputation,” he said.

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