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Los Campesinos! – Hello Sadness, released November 14th

Los Campesinos! were happy once – as that exclamation mark might suggest – but over the last three years they’ve taken a turn for the darker, both musically and lyrically. The first two singles hint at gorgeously dark and toned-down melodies (for them, at least), but it’s going to be Gareth Campesinos! blackly comic and shockingly honest lyrics that get the tears flowing.

Summer Camp – Live at Lancaster Library, November 9th

Riding the chillwave (that’s a proper genre now, that is) all the way to Lancaster Library this November is Summer Camp, a London duo that specialise in sugar-coated, super synth pop. They manage the fantastic feat of being nostalgic for the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties whilst sounding remarkably fresh, thanks to their way with woozy melodies and sampling.

Johnny Foreigner – Johnny Foreigner Vs. Everything, released November 7th

If there were some sort of an award for sheer back-breaking effort when it comes to making music, Johnny Foreigner would win it by a mile every year. The mind-bogglingly prolific trio release their third album since 2008 this month, the brilliantly titled ‘Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything’. The frenetic indie-punk and boy/girl vocals that define them are still here, but recent EPs suggest a new found penchant for electronic experimentation too.

Sonic Generations – All Consoles, November 1st

The last time Sonic appeared in a genuinely good console game, the Twin Towers were still standing. Now there’s a sad thought. But Sonic Generations might just work, because Sonic Team have finally given up trying to make Sonic into King Arthur or a werewolf or a chartered accountant and realised that he’s at his best when he spins around runs really, really fast. Don’t mess this one up, Sega…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (Nov 18th)

Stephenie Meyer’s Vampire extravaganza continues as Bella and Edward must now face the perils of protecting their unborn child. This film marks the beginning of what will be a two part finale to the hugely successful series and the enthusiasm of die-hard fans doesn’t look to be waning. Although I wouldn’t expect great or even good writing, directing, acting, editing…any of that film stuff…the box office results will be HUGE.

My Week With Marilyn (Nov 18th)

Michelle Williams has been carving out an excellent career for many years now, and taking on the role of Marilyn Monroe was always going to earn her extra buzz. This story follows the strained relationship Monroe had with Sir Lawrence Olivier during the production of a film project. With Kenneth Branagh as Olivier and Emma ‘Hermione’ Watson in a supporting role, watch out for this at the Oscars in February.

50/50 (Nov 25th)

This comedy drama, originally titled “I’m With Cancer”, is about a young man faced with a battle against cancer and looks extremely promising not least because it stars the brilliant Joseph Gordon-Levitt of 500 Days of Summer and Inception fame. Writer Will Reiser based the script on his own experiences as a cancer survivor and word is that the script delivers a warm insight into the struggle against the illness.

Moneyball (Nov 25th)

What American Football did for Sandra Bullock at the Oscars two years ago, Brad Pitt will be hoping baseball will do for him. Moneyball sees Pitt playing real-life baseball manager Billy Beane who used a computer analysis system to choose his players. Philip Seymour-Hoffman and Jonah Hill offer support to Pitt’s Oscar bid and he needs plenty of help as most pundits currently put him third in the Best Actor race…

Wanderlust (Nov 25th)

Jennifer Aniston reunites with old Friends co-star Paul Rudd in this comedy about a suburban couple who fancy a taste of a life less ordinary. I don’t think it would be unfair of me to say that Aniston’s film choices don’t tend towards the fantastic, far from it, but I figure for every disaster like Bounty Hunter there has to be a success like…erm…well maybe this will finally be the one.

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