All’s quiet in the Learning Zone


A new ‘quiet’ addition to the Learning Zone is due to open in 2012.

Since its opening in October 2009, the Learning Zone, a focal point of Alexandra Square, has provided a 24-hour work space for individual and group work, with the Library providing a more silent study area.

However, since the university Library shuts at midnight on weekdays and at six o’clock on a Saturday, many students feel that there should be an additional work area which provides a place of silent study.

In studies carried out over the past year, students have said that the top priorities for the new space are that it should be open all night and have individual study spaces equipped with Wi-Fi and easy access to power sockets. The new addition will have all of these things and will be located adjacent to the current Learning Zone.

Professor Amanda Chetwynd, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Colleges and the Student Experience had this to say on the development: “We have acted on student feedback which told us that students wanted a quiet 24-hour study space. The wing next to the existing Learning Zone is an ideal site which is now being developed into space for quiet formal study with individual study areas with Wi-Fi and fitted for laptop use.”

LUSU Vice President (Academic) Alex Carlin also feels that the new addition to the existing Learning Zone would “be of huge benefit for students.”

The current Learning Zone has been extremely popular with students, with 94% of undergraduates rating it good or excellent. The new C Floor addition to the Library has also received equally excellent feedback.

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