Sugarhouse thefts “an exception to the rule”


There have been a number of reported thefts which have occurred at Lancaster’s Student’ Union club, the Sugarhouse.

Recently the Venue Manager for the Sugarhouse, Louise Davies, released a press statement saying that a number of people had been reported to have had their mobile phones stolen, in what appeared to be “a series of organised thefts.”

Members of the Sugarhouse team are trying to get across to students that no matter how safe they feel in a venue, they should always look after their property and report any suspicious behaviour that they might see.

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With regard to the incident, Davies said that “the Sugarhouse, as well as aiming to provide students with the best night out, takes students’ safety and security very seriously.”

On the night the incidents took place, the Sugarhouse team “swiftly informed the police,” who arrived at the scene immediately.

She also said that her team will continue to “work alongside the local authorities” to ensure that the Sugarhouse is always “as safe as possible.”

Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU) President George Gardiner also commented on the recent incidents, saying “Sugarhouse continues to be one of the best and safest nights out in Lancaster and we would like to think an occurrence such as this is [an] exception to the rule.”

LUSU are also working hard to try and ensure that an incident like this does not happen again. Gardiner also said that “LUSU would continue to underline the importance of being vigilant and ensuring the security of personal possessions at all times, wherever students find themselves.”

According to a survey in a national newspaper, which took place in July of this year, Lancaster was ranked first place out of 21 universities for being the safest city to live in.

It also came top for being the safest campus in the 2007 International Student Barometer survey. Lancaster University received the highest satisfaction rating out of every institution which took part in the survey, with a figure of 95%.

LUSU Vice President (Activities), Marc Handley said that “I’m a massive believer that actually, this campus and the Sugarhouse [are among] the safest places for students to be, as everything is geared towards people’s safety and not just trying to ‘make them behave’.”

The Sugarhouse team, LUSU and all other representatives at Lancaster University put the safety and enjoyment of its students first, stressing that if anyone sees any suspicious behaviour they should report it immediately.

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