Coming Up This Month – December


LUTG Presents ‘Woyzeck’ – 9th, 10th & 11th of December, 19:30.

Oppression, depression and peas are the primary antagonists in ‘Woyzeck’. Lancaster University Theatre Group will be leading the tour of the depths of a young soldier’s sanity as he submits to the tyranny of obsession and maltreatment in an exciting new adaptation of Georg Buchner’s postmodern masterpiece, which promises to be the highlight of the Nuffield Theatre’s winter output. Tickets cost £7, and can be purchased from the Live at LICA webside, or the Nuffield Theatre box office.

LUTG Presents ‘Punk Rock’ – 2nd & 3rd of December, 19:30.

If you’ve never witnessed the detrimental effects of exam stress and peer pressure on a group of youngsters, then allow Lancaster University Theatre Group’s to demonstrate. The Duke’s Theatre  will be playing host to ‘Punk Rock’, Simon Stephens’s stinging interpretation of sixth form skulduggery  in a Stockport grammar school. Directed by Josh Coates, who earlier this year rocked Lancaster’s theatrical scene with an intricate staging of Jim Cartwright’s ‘Road’, ‘Punk Rock’ is highly unlikely to be anything other than a triumph. Tickets can be purchased at the Duke’s Theatre box office, or online at

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock and Watson are back for some more bromantic heroics in the long-awaited second instalment of the series. This time the dream team are accompanied by Swedish super-star Noomi Rapace of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ fame and must take on their greatest foe, Professor Moriarty. There is bound to be even more action and adventure than the hugely successful first movie so this should be well worth the cost of the cinema ticket.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The huge Swedish series gets the Hollywood treatment this December, but director David Fincher has promised a film that will be more grit than glitter. Daniel Craig stars with Rooney Mara taking on the now iconic role of Lisbeth Salander. The trailer has stated that this will be the feel-bad film of Christmas but if it lives up to its Swedish counterpart then people will be booking their tickets for outing number two as soon as they leave the cinema.

Mario Kart 7

New Nintendo console, new Mario Kart. It’s something Nintendo have been ridiculed for in the past, but who can blame them? As the only kart-racing spin-off ever that isn’t unutterably shit, Mario Kart has carved a nice little niche for itself as a racing game that can be equally enjoyed by hardcore gamers and more casual folk. Expect the gameplay to be as solid and enjoyable as ever, and expect a new generation of children to learn the meaning of the term ‘road rage’.

Lioness – Hidden Treasures, Amy Winehouse

For all the talk of her over-publicised relationships and tragic addictions, we tend forget what made Amy Winehouse famous in the first place; that she was prodigiously talented songwriter with a bloody good (not to mention unique) set of vocal chords. It’ll be interesting see where Winehouse was planning on heading next – and not just out of morbid curiosity, but because she was a genuinely interesting individual who made some wonderful contributions to her art.

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