Help bring Brook back home for Christmas

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Pet theft is a crime on the rise throughout the UK with all varieties of cats and dogs being targeted. Popular dog breeds such as Labradors, Yorkshire terriers and German Sheperds are becoming prime targets. To those who suffer at the hands of these callous criminals the loss of a pet is truly devastating. Dozens of new cases are reported every week with hundreds of thousands of pounds being offered up as a reward for the safe return of these much loved pets.

Some of these thefts are opportunistic, seizing a dog whilst the owner may not be looking. Others are organized, where a specific dog is targeted. In a large number of cases these dogs are sold on to new owners, meaning that the stolen dog could be living miles away with someone who has no idea of the animal’s past. There is one stolen dog in particular, Brook, the-five-year-old Chocolate Labrador who has been whipping up a media storm with his facebook page and media appeals to bring him home safely. Brook was stolen from his garden at Bay Horse in Lancaster on the 16th April 2011. Brook is the beloved pet of Caroline and Aubrey Hoyles who have been trying desperately to bring him home. As a chocolate Labrador Brook has two very distinctive features, a white fleck under his chest and a kink in his tale. Brook is considered to be a very vocal dog and is known to bark if he is not by his owner’s side. He is also known to chase bikes should they pass through his territory. Brook is also unsure around other dogs and unsociable around children who he is does not know.

Brook, with owner's permission

It is likely that Brook has been passed on to a new owner somewhere in the Lancashire area. Brook’s new owner may not be aware that he is being searched for. Although likely that he is still somewhere in Lancashire it is still a good idea to keep an eye out everywhere for Brook’s distinctive features. If you think you have any information which could benefit the search for Brook you can contact his owners via Brooks’s website or by joining the facebook group by following the links below.

You can also help spread the word by sharing Brook’sYouTube videos, such as:

With a click of a button you have managed to pass on Brook’s message to all of your friends. As it stands there is a £5000 reward for the return of Brook and it is hoped that this reward will act as an incentive to whoever stole him and encourage them to return him. All this family want is their pet returned safely home. Brook’s safe return would be the best Christmas gift anyone could offer.

Every pet owner has a great deal of love and devotion for their pet, after all they are an extra part of the family. It is just unfortunate that there are some thoughtless and cruel individuals who are willing to devastate a family for the sake of money. Remember to keep your pet safe throughout the year and should you be concerned about their safety consult the Crimewatch website at:

If everyone everywhere keeps an eye out for Brook he will be home in no time and although he may be one dog on a long list of stolen pets we will be one step closer to ending pet theft and he will be one happy dog reunited with his owner this Christmas.

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