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Festive fever has fallen quickly upon us around Lancaster, with a seemingly endless stream of events to make first term finish with a bang. Though often dubbed as ‘the party season’, it’s time to start thinking about the event that will make 2011 go out in style:  New Years’ Eve. If you make one pre-2012 resolution, make sure it’s to look memorable on the final day of the year, and for all the right reasons!

The dress…

…is the main attraction, and the autumn/winter high street collections have not let us down this year, with many options that are on trend and in style. Metallics, feathers, sequins and deep berry shades take the fashion front-line this season, and there are a number of ways you can incorporate any (but not all!) of these in your outfit.

Ever reliable, ever consistent, ever slimming: the little black dress. How is it that we rarely see an LBD go wrong? The beauty of this option is you can really take a black dress in any style direction, so if you choose to go back to this more traditional party dress don’t forget to bring some extra glamour. Glitzy cuffs or statement earrings will make it more special for the occasion, alternatively feathery accessories and ‘wow’ factor shoes will make your LBD more distinctive. Don’t forget to consider a black dress that is already embellished; there are so many around and there is no time more fitting for sequin-lovers than during the Christmas period.

Don’t be afraid to…

…stand out from the crowd. Check out shops like River Island for a wide selection of draped, feathery and classically cut prom style dresses; Warehouse for more simple styles or Next for longer lengths and flattering designs in rich colours. By choosing a dress that is more unique you’re sure to avoid blending into the background.

Recycle and re-love…

…your old dresses. Student loans are running low now we’re at the end of first term, so instead of splashing out on a one-time outfit; why not dress-up an old one? Give your once-loved outfits a revamp with big accessories, sparkly clutches or metallic nails. Consider Accessorize for sparkles and glittery eye shadow pots from Barry M to embrace the on-trend metallic vibe, but be careful not to over-do it!

Finishing touches…

Almost as important as the dress is how you add the twinkling touches to your New Years’ Eve outfit. For more simple dresses, a bold lip colour will ensure a kiss at midnight, whilst gold or silver nails will keep you up to date with this season’s biggest fashion trend, co-ordinating well with any gold or silver jewellery and sequins.

Whilst it is appealing to stay “in vogue” with the latest fashions, we can’t forget individual style. Whether you blitz through bodycons or yearn for yards of chiffon, it’s most important to choose a dress you’re at ease with. If your dress is so long that you can’t dance 2011 away, so short that you’re worried about showing your derrière all night or too tight to relax in, you won’t be able to pass the night comfortably, so make things easy for yourself!

Fireworks, friends and reminiscing over the past year will ensure a fantastic evening; have fun looking the part, with your dancing shoes at the ready, at least until the clock strikes twelve!

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