Hot-trotting your Hogmanay hair


Christmas has come and gone, and the much anticipated New Year’s Eve party is now upon us. But late nights, constant styling, and harsh heat can really takes it’s toll on our luscious locks. You seem to be always getting yourself ready for one party or another, and let’s be honest, in between wrapping the presents, last minute Christmas shopping and stuffing away another mince pie, sometimes there just isn’t time for a trip down the salon for a wash and blow.

So, top of my list this year were easy, quick and low maintenance hair styles that don’t even require washing your hair! Look’s like Christmas is still upon us thanks to these party tricks that’ll look great this party season.

1. No time to wash your hair for your NYE party? No worries, because Bastiste dry shampoo (Superdrug £1.99) will freshen up those roots in a flash. Dry shampoo is a saving grace for greasy hair. Just a couple of spritz and a thorough rub through the roots and you’re ready to go! Not only is it quick, cheap and easy, but it also adds great texture to your hair making it a doddle to style if you’re aiming for something a bit more elaborate. If your hair is still falling flat of fabulous, then there’s nothing better than Schwarzkopf’s Powderful (Superdrug £2.49) to add volume from the roots. Just shake into roots and comb through for an instant Bridget Bardot beehive.

2. If your hair is way past being saved by dry shampoo, then this one is for you. Work with the grease and with a little wax to keep in those fly away hairs, slick back your hair into a fashion forward high pony tail. This low maintenance hairstyle looks great with embellished party dresses and dramatic makeup, helping expose those cheekbones you usually hide behind your blow dry. Make sure the ends of your hair are extra straight for catwalk-copy looks.

3. Another easy hairstyle which is bang on trend at the moment is the ballerina bun. All you need is some bobby pins (Bodycare 99p for 20), a bun aid  or ‘donut bun’ (Primark £1) and some hairspray. Simply tie your hair into a pony tail and thread it through the bun aid for girly glamour in minutes. Secure the end by wrapping them round the bun aid and pin hair away, then spray liberally with hairspray.

4. Still in a twist? How about a fish plait? These seem tricky at first but look beautiful pulled to one side and roughed up a little a la Blake Lively. This modern twist on the traditional plait will make your friends believe you’ve been styling your hair for hours . Best of all, it works best on hair that isn’t freshly washed! Bonus!

5. If you really can’t be bothered and are maybe up for trying something a little bit different then, warning! This is only for the brave. The high street have some on- trend turbans to hide away unwashed hair meaning you’ll be ready for that New Year’s Eve party in minutes. Asos do loads, from jewelled and feathered fashions, silky simple ones and velvet styles. They start from as little as £6.50 and add a hint of 1930’s glamour to any outfit. The likes of the Olsen twins and Kirsten Dunst have been flying the flag for the urban turban and prove that hair doesn’t have to take hours to look party ready.

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