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Diamonds are usually said to be a girl’s best friend, but lately it seems men want in our bff status with not only diamonds, but all sorts of jewellery usually reserved for the fairer sex.

It seems man bling is an on-going and growing trend for fashion conscious men with high street stores doing ranges especially for guys.

Now, men wearing jewellery isn’t exactly something new, I mean, have you seen a properly decorated military uniform? It puts the Queen’s jewels to shame really. Not to mention the Victorian epitome of style, the pocket watch. Back in the day, it would be intricately carved and embellished. If anything, especially with the idea of the pocket watch, women have stolen male fashion. It was only a couple of seasons ago that the likes of Urban Outfitters and Topshop were selling watch lockets and cuckoo clock necklaces.

R’n’b singers and rappers are also notoriously bedazzled with diamonds not only round their necks, but diamonds in their ‘grills’ too, a blinged out mouthpiece. One rapper even jokes that he ‘has so many diamonds on his watch, he can’t even tell what the time is’. I don’t know whether it’s a case of showing off the wealth and success they have achieved, or just male’s competing or overcompensating, but man bling, especially in the musical sphere, seems integral to the culture and genres of music.

1980’s style Casio watches in garish gold with digital displays recently made the hot list for men’s wrists too. It was the last accessory to complete any alternative/indie look, perfectly paired with a buttoned up polo, and skinny skinny jeans.
Religious ‘man bling’ also seems to be the holy grail when it comes to male fashion at the moment. Jesus bracelets have been prominent at festivals on both male and female wrists for a while now. Crucifixes as well as Turkish Islamic religious iconography are set to storm the high street this season with examples on Asos for men already released. ‘Saints’ necklaces are also back in the good books with Saint Christopher necklaces adorning muscular male necks.

Now this is the one I can’t agree with, no matter how much you try and convince me: ‘man-gagement rings.’ Michael Buble, the ballad crooner and many a woman’s crush,was recently spotted wearing a ‘man-gagement ring’ to show his newly definitely unavailable status with his long term girlfriend, but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to this. Women should have diamond engagement rings or whatever said man can afford, and men should do the proposing, unless it’s a leap year. Stick to your watches guys, seriously.

I think, a line needs to be drawn on the man bling front . Dangly earrings, lockets and engagement rings should be left to the women or George Michael because, let’s be honest, he does look good in a pair of earrings. Diamonds, though, were our best friends first after all, and though you can get a bit friendly with them, we’d prefer it if you weren’t more blinged out than us.

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