Comin’ Up! Issue 8


Lancaster University Theatre Group – Lent Season


Lancaster University Theatre Group are offering another round of dramatic delights this term. The first stop is the Gregson Centre, 12th-14th of March, for Russia’s funniest farce, ’The Government Inspector’. And our final destination, the SUGARHOUSE, 18th-20th, for Cirque du LUTG; “He Who Gets Slapped”. Take your pick or have ’em all!


Album: Xiu Xiu – Out Now (Released 13th March)

© Polyvinyl

Jamie Stewart is well known in America as one of the hardest working men in indie rock, but he and his restlessly experimental pop troupe Xiu Xiu are almost total unknowns on this side of the Atlantic. This might well be down to his relentlessly dreary disposition; his lyrics make Morrisey at his most downhearted seem as chirpy as Fearne Cotton on ecstacy. Though if you don’t mind thinking about how irrevocably crap the world is whilst listening to artsy electro-pop, then this is the album for you.


Game: Kid Icarus – Uprising (Released 23rd March)

© Project Sora and Nintendo

Kid Icarus’ winged protagonist Pit has had a life that most of us can probably relate too; that is, he was born in 1991 and hasn’t really done anything of note at all since then. And now, like us, he’s now perched on the precipice of the big scary real world, ready to unfurl his (non-metaphorical) wings and leap off into the big 3D world! But instead of getting a crappy low-level corporate management job, he’s starring in what will almost certainly be a bloody good slice of action platforming.


Game: Mass Effect 3 (Released 9th March)

© EA

The third and final installment in Bioware’s critically acclaimed space opera has already had more than its fair share of pre-release criticism, but it’s only because its fans are used to perfection – Mass Effect has become for a generation of gamers what Star Wars was for their parents. Commander Shephard’s final adventure promises to be the suitably epic conclusion to this galaxy spanning series.


Film: The Hunger Games

© Lionsgate

Suzanne Collins’ fantastic Hunger Games trilogy always seemed like that would translate brilliantly to cinema – fantastic story, complex characters and gory action scenes aplenty. And with two Academy Award nominees in the cast (Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson as protagonist Katniss and her mentor Haymitch) and a screenplay written by Collins herself, this is set to be a fantastic adaptation. Oh, and Lenny Kravitz is in it. What more do you want?


Gig: The Civil Wars – Lancaster Library (17th March)

© Eric England

You’d expect Lancaster Library would find it difficult to improve upon the preposterously good series of acts that have graced their stage so far this year – UNKLE, SBTRKT, Dog Is Dead and King Creosote stand out as particular highlights. But they’ve gone and done it anyway by getting a pair of Grammy winners in the form of The Civil Wars. Their debut album Barton Hollow is a minimalist folk wonder that has impressed everyone from The Guardian to Adele to Taylor Swift, so whatever your musical tastes, make sure to get down to the Library on the 17th March.

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