Penny the little witch…

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Have you ever been in Pendle bar? If you have you’ve probably seen Penny Pendle, that girl who sits on a stool in the corner pretending she’s a ‘psycic’ and warning people of their ever impending death. Well, my mate, a regular of Pendle bar told me that she predicted Leo Lancaster’s death a few weeks ago. Apparently she couldn’t stop ranting on about it and he had to leave because it was spoiling his pint.

Well, getting to the point. Penny the predictor has only gone and been arrested and took in for questioning over Leo’s murder. Gracie Grizedale told the police that she saw Penny standing over Leo’s body before she reported his murder.

Well, well. Does this mean Penny bumped Leo Lancaster off? If you ask me, killing someone to prove that you’re a ‘psycic’ is a bit of a ridiculous motive but Penny notoriously a bit ‘off on one.’ Also, Gracie Grizedale must have been pretty sure she saw her standing over the body to go and tell the police about it. Lying to a copper is a not a wise move.

Ah, the plot thickens!


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