Vote of No Confidence: Petition against VP Activities reaches threshold


A secure petition on the Union website calling for a Vote of No Confidence in Ben Evans, Vice President Activities, has reached the number of signatures necessary for a referendum.

Article 26.2.1 of the Union’s Articles of Association says that FTOs can be removed from office following “a motion of no confidence in the Elected Officer passed by a twothirds majority of the Student Members voting in a Referendum, provided that at least 10% of Student Members cast a vote in the Referendum. Such a motion shall only be triggered by a Secure Petition signed or agreed to by at least 2% of Student Members.”

315 students, 2% of Student Members, have now signed the petition that was authored by Atree Ghosh, who is behind the Save Our Sugarhouse campaign. The latest push for signatures was centred around the claim that Mr Evans not only voted to enter talks to sell The Sugarhouse, but on the Trustee Board meeting on 11 October he also voted not to suspend those talks. SCAN cannot verify those claims.

As the Articles of Association say that a petition passing the threshold “triggers” the motion being put to a referendum, it is likely that, alongside the JCR elections, NUS Delegate elections, Sugarhouse referendum, and elected Trustee Board referendum, the vote of no confidence in Mr Evans will now find itself on the ballot in Week 8. 1575 students would have to vote in the referendum, and 1050 of them would have to express no confidence in Mr Evans for him to be removed from office.

SCAN contacted the Student’s Union comment for statement:

“The Students’ Union is aware of a petition that has been launched on the Union website. We will follow the correct procedures stated in our Articles of Association and Bye-Laws. It would be inappropriate to make any further comment that might prejudice the outcome of this process.

A Students’ Union Spokesperson

This is an ongoing story.

Andrew Williams

News Editor 19/20.

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