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Extravs – the only time that standing dressed in a ridiculous fancy dress, clutching a disgusting cocktail of vodka, beer and coke, is actually acceptable since the tragic death of Morecambe’s Premier entertainment venue.

Extrav week presents you with many different key decisions. Firstly, you have to choose which college you will go to on each night. There are some students who will stick to their own college and that’s it. The more daring might go for two or even all three nights. There will be no doubt countless third years who (having been at Grad Ball on the Monday night) will be going to an Extrav on all three nights. And you can bet your money they’ll be in Sugarhouse on the Friday night, bawling their eyes out as Lou D plays ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ by Green Day.

Once you’ve picked your Extravs, the real confusion starts. What do you wear?! There are usually two ways to resolve this issue. The first is a simple form of procrastination – rather than revising for those crucial final year exams, spend hours creating a costume from scratch. The second? Make a costume out of whatever you can find in your flat whilst hungover from the previous night’s Extrav.

Whatever you do, have a blast. After all, they only come round once a year and this year’s Extrav’s look set to be unmissable…


United States of Bowland

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal – with an ample opportunity for fancy dress! On the 28th June Uncle Sam wants YOU, to witness the inauguration of the United States of Bowland. Grab this once in a lifetime chance to visit your dream destinations, like the skylines of New York, Hollywood and Mt. Rushmoore, as you live the American Dream on campus! The wait for the wild Wild West and the bright lights of Las Vegas is finally over!

Quench your thirst at the 1920’s prohibition bar where Arcade Shooting and jousting are favourite past-times, heck, you might even catch the famous ‘Indians versus Cowboys.’ All this excitement may make you hungry, but have no fear, you can enjoy a little Tex-Mex feast with the nourishment provided by Go Burrito. Evade the nightmare of boring Extravs, because as our nation’s President Dan Huisman advises, “have a dream” – a dream that its citizens will not shy from proving this country proud with their outfits. Let’s celebrate like it’s the 4th of July, as we declare this nation’s independence.

You’ll never miss Mardi Gras again. Lancaster: get ready for this year’s unmissable event, as our headliner, Ministry of Sound: DJ Santero provides the sounds of Miami beach. This is not your run-of-the-mill red-carpet event, so ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, jocks and cheerleaders, frats and sororities, prepare yourselves for the party of the century. Jensen Tudtud


Cartmel Extrav – The Last Stand

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the hundreds of superheroes and supervillains descending on Cartmel Extrav 2012. On Thursday 28th of this month, Cartmel bar will host ‘The Last Stand’, where you can pick from a range of comic strip and movie characters to get dressed up as. Think outside the box – anything goes here, from classics like the Hulk and Superman, to characters from Kick-Ass and even Spongebob… Mermaidman and Barnacle-Boy, anyone? Cartmel are claiming to have the best-decorated Extrav of the year, with brilliant creations from roof to floor, so get down there and decide for yourself if they really have put on the best party of the year. With headliners Collectors Club, and Radio 1 legend DJ Bailey, not to mention performances from ten other great acts such as Innamorata, Jess Falls Over and Gods of Rock, the night is set to be a superhuman one. Hannah Husthwaite and Lydia Warrender


The County Olympiad

With the London 2012 Olympics on the horizon, there was no doubt that one of the themes for this year’s Extrav’s would be the Olympics and luckily for County, they were the first to snap it up! On Tuesday 26th June, County will be transformed into the County Olympiad.

There is no shortage of costume ideas according to Levina Masterson, County JCR President; she says that “you don’t just have to go as a sportsman.” Ideas range from famous athletes, London icons to classic togas and sporting equipment. Creativity is highly encouraged to make this evening one not to be missed.

The college has a few surprises up their sleeves to add to the excitement of the evening that are additional to what County provided last year. All of the events for the evening and the line-up are currently being kept under wraps, but Levina ensures us that we will not be disappointed. Kirsty Lee


Furness Goes to the Movies

Ever fancied yourself as the star of a blockbuster movie? Then look no further than the Furness Extrav 2012! Not having a bar at present isn’t enough to stop Furness throwing a night to remember and will be hosting its evening in County Bar on Wednesday 27th June. From superheroes to screen bombshells, pirates to private eyes, get dressed up as your favourite film character and join in the fun. See yourself as the next James Bond? Or will you crack out the green body paint and become Shrek for the night? Think big, original and daring – there’s thousands of films you could choose from! There will be themed drinks and decorations, not to mention some great performances from LUDanS, Sea Circuit, Skant Handful and The Lottery Winners, with more acts to be confirmed. Don’t miss out on this Oscar-winning night… Lights, camera, action! Hannah Husthwaite and Lydia Warrender


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fylde

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened as Fylde College welcomes you to celebrate their sell out event, ‘The Goblet of Fylde’ on Tuesday 26th June. Hop aboard your broomsticks and polish up your spells for an unforgetable night, Harry Potter style. Fylde will host some fantastic acts to make for yet another magical Extrav, including DJ sets by Fylde’s Myles Harrison and LUSU’s very own Matt Power, battling it out at the Hedfone party. Sugarhouse’s Soundslaves will make an appearance with one of their “electrifying, unique, high-energy” performances as well as headlining band, indie rockers Missing Andy and headlining DJ, DJ Wardy. Whether you fancy yourself as a Hagrid or Hermione, for all those who have managed to snap up a Fylde Extrav ticket you won’t be disappointed for all they have to offer. Hannah Husthwaite and Lydia Warrender


Gradstock 2012

As the end of summer term draws closer and closer, many of us are preparing for arguably the biggest week of the academic year, Extrav. For those who have yet to experience Extrav yet, and the slightly older members of the University who can just about remember the previous alcohol-stained Extravs, it is the thought of a final madness filled week that is keeping the majority of us going through the final, tedious hours of revision.

Gradstock takes place outside of Extrav week on Friday 6th July from 3pm until 6pm, followed by an after party at Dalton Rooms in town starting at 11.30pm. It is completely free; you don’t have to buy a ticket, and it takes place in the spaces around Graduate College, predominantly near the bar.

Unlike the undergraduate Extravs, Gradstock does not have a yearly theme but the events throughout the day are arranged around the idea of carnival; with the possibility of comedy acts, to music acts, all the way through to a ‘bucking bronco’ being present. There is also going to be a wide range of international food as well as a ‘super secret’ headlining act due to be announced in July.

This is just a snippet of what is due to be offered at Gradstock, so why not try something different and head down to Gradstock this summer? Sarah Appleford


Sun, Sex and Suspicious Grizedale

If you haven’t already heard, this year’s Extrav theme for Grizedale is building upon an infamous summer beach party, tied in with the popular BBC three programme Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents. I caught up with Grizedale president, Mark Lockyer, to find out why this is the Extrav to be at this year.

The Grizedale JCR came up with a Hawaiian beach party theme, and Steven Harris, their Male Equality, Welfare and Diverstiy (EWD) Officer, added the twist of combining it with the much-loved TV show. Mark assured us they are doing as much as possible to fully redecorate Grizedale for this theme, including a fantastic surf simulator to try, so you’ll feel on your summer holiday before you’ve even left Lancaster. Catering for the event will be the increasingly popular Go Burrito, which fits in with the summer theme and offers a mouth-watering choice for meat eaters and veggies alike.

Grizedale are particularly proud to announce Utah Saints as the headliner, who have 3 No.10 hits and five other bands and DJ’s supporting, including DJ Melo and Underwater Gunfight playing our best summer tunes. And beware, there will be cameras this year watching your every move, so come photo-fabulous!

So for Grizedale Extrav, expect great acts, amazing food – and for all your summer parties to be a let-down after this one. What better way is there to celebrate the beginning of Summer? Amy Packham


Lonsdale is the Big Apple

Sink your teeth into this – Lonsdale is the Big Apple. On the 27th June 2012, the so-called ‘party college’ will be throwing their decadent Extrav. The city that never sleeps will be taking over Lonsdale and its surrounding areas so hold onto your hats, and prepare to be transported to the place where dreams come true. Tom Woodburn, JCR President for Lonsdale, says, ‘expect magic, visuals, wheels of fortune, cheerleaders, hot dogs, pancakes; the list is endless! We hope for Lonnie Extrav 2012 to be remembered in years to come as an amazing event topping expectations’.

As for what can you wear to this spectacular event, well – the list is limitless! From Bronx gangsters, Broadway stars and police officers to the Statue of Liberty and American footballers. There is a huge variety to choose from, so be imaginative.

The headline acts will consist of tribute bands to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, and Coldplay creating a unique atmosphere to add to the excitement of the evening. Along with this, appearing on the DJ stage will be Sion, Defjax, Simba and Soundslaves playing right up until 3am, pretty fitting for the city that never sleeps. Kirsty Lee


Pendle Calling

Get your wellies out and head to Pendle quad for a cracking start to your summer! Drawing on the idea of Kendal Calling, the festival concept that Pendle Extrav are creating this year is one that will definitely please festival lovers. With no fancy dress theme as such, Amy Hadley, VP Events for Pendle says she ‘doesn’t want to restrict people,’ and whilst she strongly encourages creativity ‘ if you’re not into fancy dress you don’t need to feel pressured into it!’

On Tuesday 26th June, you are in for a treat, as face painting and henna tattooing in the Pendle Rooms will take place along with a thrilling line up.

Headliners Welsh Pop-Punk band Save Your Breath will be creating their own buzz allowing for an intimate gig for all who attend. Drawing influence from bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41 and New Found Glory, the vibe will be one of excitement and fun, exactly what audiences will be looking for. Another headliner is the upcoming dubsteb/house DJ- DISMANTLE. With the pressure of last year’s line up looming, this year’s Extrav committee tried their best to find an exceptional upcoming act. As summer is in the forefront of everyone’s mind, this Extrav will provide the perfect atmosphere to the end of the year. Kirsty Lee

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