Squash team have reasons to make a racket

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The Lancaster University Squash Club has had a very successful year which started earlier than most, with their two local team leagues starting from mid-September.

For the second team, it is the first year they have played in this league and they walked through it winning all 22 matches they played putting 46 points between them and second place, and securing their promotion.

The first team had an equally successful year in the league above, dropping only a few points all year.

Both teams are still trying to find their place in their leagues having only entered it two years ago and securing back to back promotion both years. The club has now entered a third team into this league with the hope of developing the lower end of their squad.

The BUCS teams have also had a successful year with their three-man second team drawing at the top of their league with Edge Hill firsts, a penalty point against Edge Hill gave Lancaster seconds the promotion they deserved.

The firsts had a frustrating year with an early loss against Keele which could have been won if it wasn’t for multiple players pulling out due to injury. They could still win if they beat Keele on return, but Keele pulled a new player out just for this match which Lancaster’s opposite number couldn’t handle, leading to a 3-2 victory for the league for Keele. However convincing wins against the other teams in the league left Lancaster firsts comfortably in second place.

Equally frustrating was their semi-final conference cup exit after comfortably beating their opponents only the week before in the league with both teams fielding the same players it was undoubtedly Lancaster’s loss rather than Manchester Met’s win. The women’s team had a comfortable year coming third in their league.

The club continued its success at Roses winning 6 of the 10 points on offer, a score which doesn’t really reflect the dominance of the home team who won 19 of the 22 matches played.  The three that were lost came in a tense men’s firsts match worth four points.

Overall the club has clearly had a strong year that has been rounded off with a nomination from LUSU for club of the year.


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