Waterpolo makes a splash


Both games were pretty intense, with the Lancaster team showing great strength and endurance throughout the game. The atmosphere was electric with the crowd proudly supporting both men’s and women’s teams.



The game kicked off with Lancaster’s team managing to score three times in the first five minutes of the game. Although Lancaster came into the game with intent, York was able to pull two back. Lancaster upped their game, scoring four times in a row. Even though York was trailing by four points, they still did not give up. But then Lancaster showed York the difference between boys and men, managing to score again, eventually ending the game 9-5 to Lancaster!



Since the game kicked off, some serious attempts were made by both teams to score. York’s team managed to score first leading the game with 1-0. Although Lancaster’s team was really strong and tried their best to step up their game, York team scored twice in the process. The Lancaster team did not want to lose in their home pool, and desperately managed to score, leaving the game 3-1 to York at the end of the first half.

In the second half, York came back even stronger than expected, managing to score another three times in a row. Although Lancaster scored twice right after, and I was quite excited I must say, however this did not last for long as York managed to score again. Lancaster’s team managed to close down the gap by scoring twice. Lancaster showed great determination and persistence throughout the game. However, York ended the game by scoring once more, securing the win at 11-7.

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