Peeping Collars, Funky Trainers and Biker Babes


What’s really great about a simple shirt is that the pattern, cut or an embellishment of the collar can make it really unique and interesting. Although the shirts featured in magazines such as Elle and Vogue are mega expensive, it doesn’t mean that an alternative can’t be found. What I love about embellished collars is that having them peeping out of a jumper neckline often makes your outfit rather than hinder it. Plus, realistically, not wearing a jumper or cardigan in Lancaster is a bit silly. This gorgeous black, sleeveless, embellished blouse by Missguided has got the perfect studded collar for wearing underneath a jumper on a chilly Lancaster day!

While the Olympics are still fresh in our minds, the inspiration and dedication is having a lasting effect. It is also impacting our style too. Trainers with dresses, jeans or tights look quirky and cool. They’re comfy, colourful and come in a whole range of different styles and brands. Not only are there great ranges across the high street, Nike and Converse also give you the opportunity to design your own trainers. Although this is a little more expensive, it’s a great idea for a Christmas present. They’re a good investment for the future, because as much as trainer styles may come and go, a great coloured pair of hi-tops will always stay in style. Converse has been rocking the trainer market for over 100 years and they are still timeless!

Leather comes in all sorts of shades this season, from cranberry red to standard black. In fact, when it comes to a taking on the biker look, a black leather jacket is exactly what you need. This is another timeless piece that can be worked into many outfits and styles. During this odd season when it’s sunny all day followed by sporadic torrential rain, a biker jacket may be your closest friend. It will not protect you from the downpour but it will however toughen up a summery dress and keep the chill away. Great with jeans, or as a quick cover up for the brisk walk home from Sugarhouse, this a great lasting piece to purchase this season.

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