New LUSU FTO structure proposed


In a referendum in Week 8, Ste Smith, LUSU President will propose a new Full Time Officer structure. The new structure was first introduced at Union Council and will still consist of 6 FTOs, but some of the roles will be altered slightly. The new positions as proposed by Ste Smith can be seen in the column to the right hand side of this article along with their suggested responsibilities.

One of the main changes to the current structure would be the addition of the VP Union Development position. This position would be responsible for things such as finance, alumni relations and JCR support. The position of VP Events and Democracy will be absorbed by other positions, with VP Activities taking responsibility for events such as Grad Ball and Campus Fest and democracy being looked after by VP Media & Communications. There will also be an extra staff member to cover elections and democracy.

Rachel Harvey, VP Media & Communications had this to say about the proposed changes to the FTO structure, “overall they cover more areas but we need to get some feedback from students and the proposed structure still needs working on.”

Voting on the referendum will take place in Week 8 at the same time as the JCR Elections. Students’ will be able to vote on the changes online along with their votes for JCR representatives.

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