Bombers Defiant in an admirable comeback over Centurions



Sean Connor.

Bombers Defiant in an admirable comeback over Centurions


York Centurions dived into the game with immediate impact scoring a touchdown within the first few minutes of the game, shaking up the Lancaster Bombers defence and setting a platform for the first quarter. A response came swift and inspirationally through Bombers Ademiju who sprinted across the field to the left wing to find an open space to complete the touchdown, pulling Lancaster level. York were in the driving seat again as their offensive team took to the field, however The Bomber’s defence remained solid for the rest of the first quarter, stopping any and all the Centurions advances of play keeping the score close.

The second quarter started very much as the first had finished; York were rapid in their offensive play but were immediately taken down by the Bombers in every successive play. Good form finally provided the Bombers with a moment of luck as Dave Messenger caught a Centurion kick out and continued on an immensely impressive run directly down the right flank to secure another Lancaster touchdown. However the lead was soon fumbled as the Centurions crafted an impressively accurate pass down the middle of the field to be picked up by the offence and convert to their second touchdown. Ademiju was an engine in his consistent efforts of attack, especially down the right flank where the Centurions could not always contain him; though York were remarkable in their long field throws picking out the effective players in their offence to  finish the first half of the game in the lead, at 20-13.

After a re-grouping at the half time break, the Bombers were set to make an impact in the third quarter, and kicked off on a new level with extraordinary vigilance in the defence and perseverance in their attack. A stroke of genius from Jordan Wilson picked up a York kick-out to soar into the centre of field, having been excellently defended by his team mates reached out to the left flank to score an incredible touchdown. Lancaster scored in quick succession once again through similar fashion as Messenger found a gap down the left flank to score yet another touchdown providing a solid lead; though numerous decisions of the referee appeared questionable, resulting in a break down of the Bombers momentum of play and displeasing the team.

The final quarter began shakily for the Centurions as their quarterback was no longer passing with his previous accuracy, in addition to the Bombers defence being sharp in their interceptions, diffusing every threat at crucial times. Messenger once again picked up an offensive pass, and drove through the Centurions  defence, achieving an unbelievable touchdown – causing several casualties along the way. As the game was drawing to a close, efforts from the Centurions were fizzling out as Wilson sealed the game with one last onslaught, resulting in another superb touchdown. This ended the game with the score at 43–20. Captain of the Bombers, Dan Katri, proudly commented on a truly noble victory; “The first quarter didn’t go to plan, however from the second it all began to click” and continued to make aware that “after last year’s defeat it was a great win for us, by a large margin”.

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