First for Lancaster Cricket teams


This year has been a hugely successful year for our cricket teams. Not only will we see the first women’s cricket event in Roses but we will also see the men field three teams for the first time. The team are looking forward to Roses and, when asked about prep they have put in, the team said that they were recruiting as usual from fresher’s week onwards and started serious training from that point on. The team also said having a coach, who has been recently employed, has been a huge help.

Having a big squad and returning players such as Dan Halliwel plays to the team’s advantage this year, with players that York have not necessarily met before in Roses. When asked about secret weapons or stand out players, Captain Marley Ahli said: “We have no single star player, we work very well as a team and that will work better for us than one or two stand out players.” As for players to watch out for from York, Peter Barns is one to watch and a name the team are all well aware of.

All three captains from Lancaster feel that this year has been a good year for cricket and with the women’s event taking place this year it shows a growth in interest in the sport. They hope to set the tone of Roses, being one of the early fixtures and hope to bring home a few wins for Lancaster. The boys assure that even though “there is the common misconception that Cricket is a gentlemen’s game, there will be no love lost at Roses this year and looking forward to 50th Roses next year.”

Feeling confident about their three teams and a good ground at 22 Acres at York, the boys approach Roses 2013 confidently and we wish them the best of luck.

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