Elections are coming so get a Moo-ve on


Expect to see Ellie the democracy cow out amongst us very soon ladies and gents as once again, elections are upon us.

If you want to get more involved with the Students Union by representing your fellow students, here is the opportunity to do so.

TELL US if you want to run from 9am Monday week 5 until 5pm Friday week 5. Anyone can stand for election just by nominating themselves.
TELL EVERYONE that you’re running and start campaigning from Friday week 5 until Friday week 6.
TELL US WHO you want to win by voting from 10am Wednesday week 6 until 5pm Friday week 6.

There are 10 Cross Campus Officer positions,




Media & Communications





Environment & Ethics



Three Student Trustee positions,

Faculty Rep positions for all faculties. This includes,

Arts and Social Sciences rep

Management School rep

Science and Technology rep

Health and Medicine rep


LUSU Councillor positions, who are elected to sit on LUSU council without portfolio and hold officers of LUSU Council to account.


There will also be several College JCR positions up for grabs so keep an eye out in your college!

For more information, or if you have any questions, email Libby Martin– your Vice President (Events and Democracy)


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