FTO Interview: VP Activities – Emily Pollitt


Emily Pollitt was elected as the new Vice President of Activities in the fifth round of voting, after narrowly missing the quota for election in the fourth round by just 24 votes.

Pollit won by a massive 1189 votes in the fifth round. She told SCAN afterwards that she was “really excited” to have won and she felt that all the other candidates running for the position had “put up a really good fight”. “I was quite surprised to be honest”, she admitted, “I thought David Nelson had it in the bag”.

However, Pollitt, who spent a great deal of time campaigning, going out into Alexandra Square and encouraging the public to interact with her, reaped the benefits of her efforts.

“I once went out wearing an ‘A’ board for people to write ideas on… they seemed to really like that”. Laughing, she also added, “I sat in a paddling pool filled with balls and sat for hours in the square.”

Although she was surprised to have won, she felt that her hust at last Sunday’s elections had received a “positive response”. Overall, she said that running against her other candidates had been a good, if tiring, experience, and that “[we] were all very nice to each other… there wasn’t too much animosity”.

Pollitt, with previous experience as an Activities CCO and a society President, also mentioned that during the course of the elections, she has been maintaining an active role within her dance society and would have to cut the evening’s celebrations short as she is currently taking part in a dance show. “I just never stop”, she said, “I love it, and I’m really excited about next year”.

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