Subway already causing concerns


The building work for the expected campus branch of sandwich retailer Subway is causing controversy amongst students and staff.

The outlet is scheduled for opening next term, according to University sources. Despite the University’s assurance that the decision to allow the fast-food outlet onto campus was based on student feedback that indicated Subway ‘would be a popular new outlet to bring to campus’ concerns have already been raised by some among Lancaster’s campus community following rumours surrounding the departure of Diggles from campus earlier this term. Additional worries have also been expressed over the potential impact Subway’s proximity to Bowland Bar may have on its profitability.

In a statement issued by the University this week, such concerns were allayed with the assurance that Subway’s sandwiches were sufficiently different not to pose a threat to the business operated by the nearby college bar. In catering for different markets, the two are hoped to operate comfortably within the Bowland complex. Indeed, the University expressed a hope for a mutually beneficial situation in which both outlets enjoy an increased footfall as a result of their shared vicinity.

The official statement stated: ‘The bar will continue to work closely with the college to make sure that the bar grows and remains as popular as it has been so far this year.’

The statement denied any knowledge about the reason for Diggles leaving campus.

The construction work was also a source of dissatisfaction among nearby Bowland residents, who were disturbed by building work undertaken by the contractors outside the hours allotted. The University made assurances that it had spoken with the contractors and ‘reinforced [the] working hours.’ For the Subway build, ‘noisy work’ is permitted only between 9am and 6pm, although in general contractors are permitted to begin work from 8am.

The University was also asked to comment on whether there would be a dedicated eating zone alongside the Subway outlet, as was promised by the University Library in recompense for the restriction of eating in the Learning Zone to a small area at one end of the space. The response was as follows:

‘Eating is banned from only part of the Learning Zone and a dedicated area within it is available for eating. In addition there are many spaces on campus in which students can eat their own food.’

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