Establishing a Classic and Timeless Capsule Wardrobe


Perhaps it is clichéd, but whilst I am planning what on earth I should wear on vacation this spring, I will look to classic films in order to evoke timelessness and immortalised elegance.  When planning a capsule wardrobe, it is essential to avoid throwing random clothes into your suitcase – as shallow and time-consuming it may seem, planning insists that your wardrobe is versatile and considered. A range of outfits can be created out of a limited number of basic clothes.

The 2013 capsule spring wardrobe is focused on minimalism – calling for a fresh awakening of whites, to be infused with more vivid fluorescence. Kaleidoscopic Pop tones are still filtering into staple minimalist items. A white sixties-esque-shift dress, for example, ought be paired with a vibrant coloured soft-leather jacket and flats. The wardrobe is designed to be wearable, effortless, and as versatile as possible – there should be a collection of basic items that can be dressed up or down accordingly via accessories and clever pairings of colour.

When wondering what items count as staple, then first harken to Hepburn’s wardrobe in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ A shift dress is not only the most flattering shape, particularly for hourglass figures, but can be carried through from day to night effortlessly. I advise against black if you are seeking to venture to an exotic destination this spring, but if you are heading to the city, then embrace the Little Black Dress. It is a classic and charming necessity that speaks instantaneous glamour. By pairing it with sunglasses and ballet pumps, it is effortless and Chanel-esque, whilst paired with patent courts and a choker it speaks of Holy Golightly’s frivolous and irresistible femininity. A black gown and a trench coat will not only turn heads, but also transmit a classical and iconic image.

Alternatively, this spring embraces white – a colour that reflects light to the face, thus creating a healthy glow. Grace Kelly, in Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest,’ envelopes herself in white chiffon – swathes of fabric create an angelic and modernized gothic appeal. White scarves, for example, set against a black dress, inspire a stark dramatic contrast. The same applies for those of you who wish to channel an edgier look, and want to juxtapose black with a white brush-leather jacket in order to create an edgy sixties mod statement. Kelly’s orange coat infuses a spark of unexpected flaming colour with the typical hue of white. By transcending the expectations of the capsule wardrobe, by juxtaposing the likely and basic, with the unlikely, outfits are finally created. Individualism can be inspired when basic staple pieces are paired with personal accessories.

Finally, let us turn to Ingrid Bergman’s role in ‘Casablanca.’ Her mysterious and complex persona is accentuated by costume – her hats are metaphorical concealers as well as aesthetically beautiful fashion statements. By balancing and framing your face, hats work to create a sense of playful mystery and act as accessories to personalise an outfit.

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