The Curse of the College Top


Think twice before you try ‘Gok’ your fresher tee.

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by Lucy Lamb

Lets set the scene. It’s the beginning of your University life and you have been treated to a new t-shirt courtesy of your college exec. However, you’ve just found out you have to wear it pretty much every night of the next week in order to get into the Freshers events.

Your first thought: ‘it’s bad enough that it has a witch/tree/dragon on the front but it’s also in this horrendous colour… I best change it up’. Please Freshers, think before you act. My County fresher tee is somewhere at the back of my wardrobe about the size of a dishcloth after all the ‘editing’ I did to it.

You may think that hacking off the sleeves to make a vest top, or savaging the bottom to create a few frills, will improve your freshers tee; it really won’t. As the nights go by, you start to wish you had a little more coverage as, let’s face it, three days in the rag you’re donning and you’re going to stink of sweat.

I know they aren’t the most stylish pieces of clothing, so try squinting at all times so it looks like everyone is wearing premium t-shirts from American Apparel. I kid. Just don’t do anything drastic like create a crop top (lads it don’t look good, trust me) or give the illusion of the tee being slashed for a jungle themed night (you’ll regret it in one hour along with everyone else).

Another thing to look out for with the fresher tees is the dreaded Sharpie.  Yes it’s great fun to write ‘Insert Here’ with a huge arrow pointing to your behind, but the chances are 1 in 10 are going to do the same. Boys, if you’re going for ‘lad banter’ at least be a little more inventive.

On a serious note, these tees are pretty vital in you finding your way around campus, meeting people from your college and getting into all your events, so wear them with pride. I’m not saying leave your t-shirts as they are, but try to think a little outside the box. If you do want to turn your tee into a bikini, perhaps wait until the last night of Freshers.

Oh and remember to never wear it again. That’s a crime akin to wearing crocs.


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