Finding your perfect pair of jeans

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Imagine a world where you didn’t spend desperate minutes frantically de-tagging unsightly snaps of yourself on social media. Imagine a world where you could browse through a portfolio of pouting, posing, standard university antics and think ‘profile pic potential’ for nearly every single image. Well, this is the *cue poor pun effort* picture-perfect utopia that I’m dreaming of. With that in mind and some top trouser tips, I will show you how you can ameliorate your body hang-ups without shunning your favourite style of jeans.

The high-waisted skinny jean, with its backward nod to urban chic, can exude instant ‘I’m with the band’ vibes perfectly for petite girls, especially those with short (but sweet) legs. Indeed, this trusty trouser will elongate your pins, helping to bring your frame into proportion whilst creating a longer, taller silhouette. Do you have short legs and a long body, but are not a tuck-in-top, look at my ‘nipped-in-shape’ kinda gal? Then simply opt for a tee that hits just below waist length. This will maintain the illusion of a more in-proportion physique, and the extra material from the jeans will make sure you freeze this – hopefully white – winter. Tip: grab a pair that has been crafted from a stretchy cotton-rich denim, as this will ease any pressure on your tum, and warrant maximum comfort for those all-day, all-night library sessions.

The leg-hugging skinny jean and cutting-edge super-skinny, is – let’s face it – a hard trouser type to master. Ladies and gents: if you have straight up-and-down pins, with minimal muscle definition, then find a pair with pocket and knee detailing and contrasting stitching to add depth to your slim-line physique. If luscious, long legs are your problem – I wish this was an issue for me – then opt for the ankle-grazer … cue “breakthrough technology making legs appear shorter and slicker!”

No matter what shape or size you are, everybody can wear denim well with the perennial straight-legged jean, or the ‘liminal’ jean as I like to call it. Indeed, this clean-line piece is neither the post-university, flare-on-bottom trouser nor is it the second-skin skinny! This extra-leg room jean has the power to balance out curvy curves – or for the male gym bunnies among my readers: strapping, athletic quads. Plus, when made from a mid-wash, distressed material, this trouser will soften super slender frames. Tip numero dos: why not spice up this simple jean by adding a flavour of this Autumn/Winter’s punk trend? Simply grab a pair with a tartan-print lining, roll up the hems, and team with a pair of studded sneakers. Boom!

Of course, if you want a denim miracle, then body-sculpting spanx jeans are your new secret weapon! With a wide waistband, and front/rear pockets designed to smooth any wobble-bobbles, you can say good-riddance to those ghastly control pants, and rock whatever trouser type you want. Top tip: if you want to conceal those few extra ‘essay’ pounds that have crept on recently then a darker rinse is your denim BFF.

If you want major comfort factor, a pair of jeans that will see you through those 9 till … er, 9 university days, then the boyfriend jean is the way forward. For the último tip: seek out a pair with a tapered style because, well, to the fashion figureheads who tried to make ‘Mom’ jeans cool… they’re not. Those solid light-blue jeans that hide your shape and flatten your curves belong to the 90s, and only the 90s, discarded in photo albums smothered in dust under in a neglected guest bedroom wardrobe.

Now you know the ultimate trouser tricks, it’s time to get snap happy, and capture those all important university memories.

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