Review: Editors ‘Honesty’ EP


After three years of “our album will be out soon I promise” and the departure of lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz due to ‘musical differences’ (code word for major fall outs) in July 2013, the Editors finally released their long awaited fourth studio album ‘The Weight of Your Love’, and in November 2013 released their third single from the latest album: ‘Honesty’.

Initially, I found the track to be quite striking and in the first verse/chorus I was absorbed in the dramatic drumming and atmospheric strings. However, as the track progressed it began to feel a bit ‘samey’ to me, nothing really happened to give the single that ‘oomph’ that makes a memorable song. I sat in my car eagerly awaiting some sort of step up, but sadly it was nowhere to be found. Having listened to their latest album and thoroughly enjoyed it I’m not quite sure this track meets the standards set by others such as ‘Formaldehyde’. I did however find a section of the lyrics quite haunting: ‘The broken hearts of my neighbourhood, lay cast aside like dreams in Hollywood.’

‘Honesty’ was pleasant to listen to, the atmosphere it created could potentially be a nice backing track to a mellow Sunday afternoon. It is something I would turn up if it came on the radio but I don’t think it’s a track I’d go out and buy myself. It’s a song that perhaps will stay with me for a few weeks, but in 10 years time I don’t believe I’ll be referencing back to this to bring back ‘the good old days’. 6/10

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