VP (Activities) candidate: Colin Mang


VP (Activities) candidate Colin Mang spoke to SCAN discussing why he believes he deserves to be voted into the full time officer position. Mang said his motivation for running for VP (Activities) is “I truly believe that the purpose of the Union is to give back to students, and the clearest way that we can do that is through activities, sports, clubs, societies, and events.” Describing his current heavy involvement in student activities Mang stated over that the last year “I have been the most active LUSU Council member in passing policies to improve the student experience.”

He has been involved in a wide range of societies during his time at Lancaster and feels this makes him a strong candidate for the position. “I have been a part of two BUCS sports clubs and served on the Exec of one of them. I also sing for LUGC and play percussion in ULMS so I have an understanding of both the sports and the arts side of Activities, and as a LUSU Faculty Rep I also understand and appreciate what academic societies bring to student life as well.” Mang also said that one of his major concerns for societies and clubs is communication and this a key focus of some of his policy ideas: “In order to improve relations and good communication I’m proposing to split Activities Council into groups for BUCS Sports, Recreational Sports teams, Performance Societies, Cultural Societies, Academic Societies, and Activities-based Societies.”

Another proposition made by Mang in his campaign is to gain more funding for activities from avenues other than LUSU Living and the Sugarhouse. “We need to look at external granting agencies, we need to look at art grants for clubs and societies that want to put on arts shows and performances. We need to look at external donations and external sponsorships – right now, much of the Union’s funding comes from LUSU Living, the Sugarhouse, and grants we’ve received from the uni. I don’t think this is a sustainable system.” Mang proposes to gain external donations and sponsorships through an Activities specific version of the Friends Fund. “I think we need to actively solicit donations in the same way the uni does […] It’s just a pound to make sure that activity keeps going and to make sure that the next generation of students has the same opportunities that you did.”

He also stated to SCAN that he has plenty of experience managing events as social secretary of the Fencing Society, including organising “a national competition just about 3 weeks ago where we had competitors from all across the country come here to Lancaster.” Mang also believes that one of his greatest assets is his experience in the Union, “my detailed knowledge of the current workings of the Union, including what is going well and what needs improvement, as well as my experience in various Union roles, Councils, and committees, would be a tremendous asset for an incoming FTO because I could start the job from the very first day without needing months to settle in and learn all about how the Union operates.”

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