Work hard, play hard


The stench of booze-fuelled memories still lingers from first term, where social opportunities made it difficult to stop procrastinating and put pen to paper. However, the second term entails a busier academic timetable, which can hinder your social life. Nothing is going to take the party out of a student – unless you are in Lonsdale, perhaps* – so it is fortunate that there are plenty of things that you can do to maintain balance between work and play, demonstrated by the seven deadly sins.

  1. Greed (excessive want for something)

You’re a student, so it goes without saying that you like to socialise in some form. However, not knowing when enough is enough can affect your academic success. If you are still going out every other night, it’s perhaps time to consider taking a step back. Working in the day and then socialising at night seems justified, yet being well-rested and sober the next day is never going to happen. Putting needs before wants can be difficult, but what exactly are you spending £9,000 a year on, again?

  1. Gluttony (taking in too much)

It has been hammered into us that hangovers are not a valid excuse to skip seminars; likewise your social activities shouldn’t infringe on study time. Perhaps next time you loosely claim that you won’t drink too much, you should actually mean it. Inevitably, students being students eliminates this suggestion, so down water instead of that dirty pint, if you’re capable of functioning by this point.

  1. Lust (desires)

The ability to deny time with the closest ones can be commendable for some – you know the ones – yet with looming deadlines approaching, it’s important to plan your time wisely. Therefore, limit social occasions in relation to your academic timetable, as time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. Envy (wanting what someone else has)

Everyone wants the best grade, while doing the least work possible. By managing your time, you won’t need to envy that friend who turned down that night you can’t even remember to study. As deadlines approach, increase the amount of time spent on work, but stay well rested and at least prove you’re not in hibernation.

  1. Sloth (idleness)

If most of your days are spent hungover or gossiping about menial topics, you know it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities. Get into a routine of waking up earlier and working, allowing frequent breaks to chat and wind down. Write lists and reward your progress with social affairs, instead of planning work around them. 6. Wrath (opting for anger over love) The initial passion for your degree can turn into a burning hatred by second term: by keeping on-top of work and being ahead of the game, a reduced work build-up allows you to enjoy the fun side of university. 7. Pride (self-satisfaction) Once you have a more balanced lifestyle, take pride in your achievements and reap the benefits. Cheers to a more studious term!

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