Fylde College provides free breakfast for their students during exam period


Every Wednesday during the exam period Fylde JCR are serving breakfast to Fylde students to help handle worries and stress with exams. The first “Fylde Breakfast” was held on Wednesday, Week 3, between 9am and 10am. The event aims to help Fylde students “be prepared for the day of revision [ahead].”

Off-campus students have been given priority for the event, as the JCR aims to ensure that they get equal turn despite the rush getting onto campus.

Fylde Education Officer George Woodfield, who organised the event, told SCAN that the event was “a great success.”

“[We had] a big turnout meaning that we will make it even better next week,” Woodfield said. “We’re energising Fylde students to do their best.”

“We wanted to promote healthy eating while studying,” Fylde College President Robyn Challinor told SCAN. “The aim of the event is to promote students to wake up early and working earlier plus making sure they eat healthily.”

“Eating healthily can dramatically help your alertness and functional ability which will help during exam period,” Challinor continued. “It is mainly aimed at off campus students who can miss breakfast to be on time for things including exams, however it is open to everyone!”

One Fylde College student spoke to SCAN about the event. She said: “It was great, they had a bigger spread than I expected; I’ve never had pancakes with berries on an ordinary weekday so I was thrilled!

“Plus I could go straight to my lecture after it so it was pretty convenient. I will definitely be going along next week – anything to sleep in.”

Another Fylde student told SCAN: “As a third year student I have to hand in my dissertation this Friday, so I was really glad that Fylde provided a nice little breakfast as a treat. I loved the nutella pancakes and the fresh fruit. This really motivated me to study early in the morning.”

The Fylde College JCR maintain that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we are bringing it to you so you all have the edge when it comes to your work!”

The “Fylde Breakfast” is exclusively for Fylde students, and is one of several exam-related JCR events, which includes the South-West Big Chill, organised by Cartmel College and incorporated into LUSU’s events for Mental Health Awareness Week by LUSU Gives. Such events are one aspect of the extraordinary measures which take place during the exam period. The exam period of summer term 2013 saw the library open for 24 hours a day for the first time, in a successful trial period which led to the library being open for 24 hours a day permanently.

An annual exam-time ritual familiar to Lancaster students is the quiet period, enforced by the University to ensure that disturbances to examinations, revision and private study are kept at a minimum. The quiet period began on April 23rd, one week before exams began, and continues until Wednesday Week 9. The quiet period applies to all of the colleges, as well as to any other venue close to examination rooms, residential or study accommodation. The University has said that no noisy activities can take place on campus, with the exceptions to this being the Sports Centre, or the Great Hall Complex in extraordinary circumstances. All colleges or societies wishing to organise events during the Quiet Period have to seek special permission from the relevant College Dean, the University Dean or the Head of Student Registry.

The University has said that any unnecessary noise during the quiet period carries hefty fines and will be enforced by the Deanery.

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