Top three reasons to skip getting fit


It’s that time of year again. Summer is just around the corner and we’re constantly being bombarded with talk of sun, shorts and tans; all of which are sculpted around the ultimate ‘bikini body’. We’re all for getting fit and looking our best in the sunny few months – more like days – of the year, but there are so many enjoyable things in summer that you just can’t do if you’re obsessed with keeping fit. Although you’ll look fabulous in the sun showing off your gorgeous figure, you’ll miss out on some of the fun that the sunshine brings. So here are your excuses to avoid gyms and fat free foods:


Ice cream

Picture this: the sun is splitting the trees, for once it’s warm enough to go out in a dress minus tights and the ice cream van’s jingle is blaring out. This classic sound rings aloud all year – even in the winter in the pouring rain, which makes no sense – and the summer months are the first time we can actually jump at the sound and enjoy a good ol’ 99 in the warmth.  If you’re too concerned with keeping fit you miss out on this isolated event, and after summer has gone and people care less about keeping slim, you’ll regret letting the ice cream treats pass by and the jolly music will haunt you well into the winter months.

Lazing about

For the last few months, which seemed like forever for most of us, we have been slogging our guts out revising and working constantly. The last thing that you want to do now is start worrying about getting fit for summer. You’ve been working really hard so give yourself a break! Put your feet up, abuse your Sky+ box and embrace the laziness – it has never been more deserved. You missed all your favourite programs while you were living in the library, therefore seemingly endless time off in summer is the perfect opportunity to mould yourself into the sofa. If you put it that way, no one will really see you that much, and if you’re not bothered with how fit you look while watching Games of Thrones, then there’s no one else around who will bother that much either.

Beer gardens

Sunshine and no exams basically equates to days with friends in beer gardens. If you’re always worrying about how everything you drink gives you a beer belly, kiss goodbye to those days with friends. No one wants someone sitting on the end of the table not joining in because it ruins their fitness regime, and if you’re going to bring the mood down then what’s the point in going?! The days from summer you’ll remember are those spent laughing in beer gardens and in the park with friends, no one will look back and say “remember how fit I looked while everyone ate and drank loads?”


Now, I’m not saying everyone sack off being healthy and keeping fit, of course summer is about looking and feeling good too, but don’t prioritize this too much. You’ll be very much in shape and look b-e-a-utiful in your bikini, but enjoy yourself too! Just remember that there’s a lot involved in summer time that centres on the exact opposite of keeping fit. What’s the point of being fit if you can’t enjoy a BBQ here and there? Your plate of salad will look quite pitiful next to the monstrous pile of burgers, and we all know which one everyone would rather have.  Get fit when you feel like it, but don’t waste your summer doing it. The main reason why people do it is to look and feel good during summer, which is perfectly reasonable as long as summer treats don’t pass you by altogether. Besides, a Magnum now and again never hurt anyone…

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