Success of Green Impact causes NUS to set sights on responsible drinking


The NUS has launched a new initiative to promote a responsible drinking culture among students on campuses. The scheme, named “Alcohol Impact” is a new accreditation initiative which works with students’ unions to promote a responsible drinking culture on campuses across the UK, and is funded by the Home Office.

The NUS is currently working with seven higher education institutions currently, with the hope to expanding it in the future. At the time of writing it was unclear whether LUSU – which already has its own responsible drinking initiative, “Easy Tiger” – will be subscribing to the initiative. “Alcohol Impact” sees institutions work through a series of criteria to help create a culture of responsible drinking among students on campuses. If successful, they’ll receive an accreditation mark to signal their commitment to responsible drinking.

The “Alcohol Impact” campaign is based on the continued success of the NUS’ Green Impact initiative in bringing about behavioural change, including at Lancaster University, where LUSU’s Green Lancaster Eco-Hub benefited enormously from Green Impact.

NUS Vice President for Welfare and Student Rights Colum McGuire said he was excited to launch the project. McGuire said the campaign was “an extremely positive one that has the welfare of students at its core, with a range of benefits from reducing crime and disorder, to improving student health and academic outcomes, and enhancing partnerships within local communities.”

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