Interview: Ghetts


How and when did you first start making music?

I started when I was about 19, writing; a few friends helped me get into it.

Why grime?

Why not grime? It’s authentic. From from the UK, just like punk rock. It belongs to us.

Your new album Rebel with a Cause is out – can you tell me the background behind the name?

It’s based on me as a person. A lot people when they think rebel they think politics but it’s not politics. I just have a rebellious nature… My daughter was born whilst I was making the album and she became the cause.

What is your creative process, how do you come up with new music?

I think about music 24/7, I go to sleep thinking about it, I dream it, so I’d say my whole life is a process really.

What’s song do you think describes you best and will let people know what you’re about?

‘State of Mind’ (Album: Ghetto Gospel)
‘Ghetto no more’ (Album: Rebel with a Cause)

You performed at the MOBO Awards recently, how was the experience for you?

It was good; the feedback I’ve been getting has been amazing.

What do you think the MOBO Awards mean to grime and the UK music scene itself?

Can’t answer than now, but I should be able to in 6 years.

North vs South, where gives you the best vibe when you perform?

I’m bigger up North, so I’d say that!

Ghetts has just released his music video for ‘Fire Burning’, the next single off Rebel with a Cause. He will be playing the Deaf Institute in Manchester on Thursday, week 6.

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