Spine Spotter


Spine Spotter – showcasing not only the most stylish students but all those who have made an effort to stand out from the crowd (even if they are only visiting Greggs).


Name: Megan Gay

Course: English Language

Favourite Shops: Urban Outfitters, Zara

Fashion Icon: Olivia Palermo

Signature Piece: Leather shorts


Name: George Stopczynsky

Course: Accounting & Finance

Favourite Shops: Toppan, Urban Outfitters

Signature Piece: Shoes

Name: Damian Vatne

Course: Business Studies

Favourite Shops: Topman

Signature Piece: Barbour Jacket


Name: Danny Gough

Course: French & History

Favourite Shops: River Island, New Look

Fashion Icon: Alexander McQueen

Signature Piece: Scarves


Name: Min Kwon

Course: Business Analytics & Consultancy

Favourite Shops: All Saints

Signature Piece:  This scarf (made by  his girlfriend)


Name: Laura Martin

Course: Politics

Favourite Shops: ASOS, Topshop

Signature Piece: Pointed loafers


Name: Jessica Mahar

Course: Fine Art

Favourite Shops: Charity shops, Topshop

Signature Piece: Cut-out Boots

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