Prohibited nitrous oxide in Furness


A warning has been issued to students in Furness after the discovery of deliveries of Nitrous Oxide canisters. This warning against the use of the legal high prohibited in the University came on Tuesday Week 25, only two days prior to the hospitalization of five Grizedale students following the use of a former legal high, sparking national debate over attitudes to legal drugs.

In an email circulated to Furness students by the College Residence Officer, it states that the canisters have been in use in the accommodation but should be recognized as a risk to students’ health. It reads: “It has come to my attention that nitrous oxide canisters have been delivered to the University and that they have been used in the accommodation as a ‘legal high’.

“The University does not condone this behaviour, which may seem like harmless fun but can easily endanger your health. Furthermore, gas canisters are listed as banned items in the Residents’ Handbook as part of our fire safety policy. Deliveries of Nitrous Oxide canisters are relatively easily identifiable and therefore anything that we reasonably suspect might be Nitrous Oxide will be held at the Porters’ Lodge or by the Head of Security, and the addressee invited in for a discussion about their delivery.

“Any further discoveries along these lines within the accommodation will be investigated under normal Deanery procedures as a breach of our terms, and we will act in the best interests of your own wellbeing and that of the other residents.”

Nitrous oxide is commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ due to the euphoria and relaxation the high provides. However, according to TalkToFrank there is a risk of death as a lack of oxygen can occur when using nitrous oxide, particularly when rapidly using a substantial amount or using the drug in a an enclosed space.

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