METZ: Interview


What thoughts/feelings/inspirations did you bring in the studio with you?

The album is really a personal/observational look at the world. For all 3 of us our inspirations are constantly changing, this time around we really felt like making a heavy and dark sounding record even more so than the first one. Without really considering it we just went ahead and did what felt good. A whole lot of things just slotted together.


The album is really chaotic, was it chaotic in the studio?

It was a little bit ram shackled at times, we changed where we recorded/where things were engineered, it got a little cumbersome, a mix would sound different one day, we would sit down to work on it and it would have to be surgically changed.


Did you have a direct producer? I see the name Graham Wash come up a lot on the album credits?

Yeah we gave him engineering credit amazing guy, really talented, he was really important, he was actually really calming, whenever we were working with him he helped us feel comfortable and chill.


Describe your sound?

I was joking about this the other day actually, I called it post-traumatic stress disorder music, or music for the ADD generation. A commentary and also a result of the crazy circumstances we live in.


Do you think Toronto/Ontario inspired your sound at all?

Maybe it does… I think it’s probably a couple of factors, there has always been a really healthy, interesting punk rock scene in Canada and especially in Ontario.

Yeah maybe the conditions we live in make people feel a little boxed in and crazy and they need an outlet. For us we just got hooked at a young age, we fell in love with that kind of experimental music and just carried on making it.


Favourite piece of gear?

I think probably just my guitar, it is the most boring answer but it’s the truth. It’s got the most unique sound, it’s an old really beaten up guitar, I guess it is my most important piece


Did you chose to bring label mate Protomartyr along?

We have been friends with them for a long time now and they’re awesome, so we are very excited to be doing shows with those guys.


Any bands that are catching your eye at the moment?

We just started with the UK band Crows that are sounding really cool, I also like a US band called Wand, been listening to that, always cool stuff to find.


Where are you most looking forward to on your tour?

Oh man! So many spots we are actually going to: Russia, China, Korea, China, lots of places we have never been so we are gonna have quite the time I think.



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