SnackDom: Delivering sweets to your door


On Wednesday, week 2, Dominic, an 18-year-old Computer Science and Maths student, decided to start a new business on campus that offers a sweets/snacks delivery service. Dominic came up with the idea, which he calls SnackDom, after thinking about the traditional (and unofficial) sweets trade he used to enjoy in secondary school. He decided to re-visit this at uni by combining this experience with his expertise in web design and the wish to create his own business.

SnackDom has its own webpage, where you are allowed to pick and mix within a range of different sweets, which will then be delivered to you wherever you are on campus during the evenings and on late nights during the weekends. There is no limit to Dominic’s expectations with this project; as he puts it, ‘There is no place I want to stop; I want to keep expanding this project to wherever it takes me.’ There could be possible affiliations with other universities around the UK, as he already has a potential base in his hometown, provided by his family in Essex. He has proved himself to be a very independent, enthusiastic individual who does not seem to fear new opportunities and is willing to fulfil his initiatives.

As a fresher living on campus, he manages to move around quickly, making the estimated delivery time usually under thirty minutes. Even though Dominic waits for a certain number of orders to come in before he delivers the snacks, he still aims to get everyone’s delivery to them from County, where he resides, and many students have already used his service find him very efficient.

In fact, as some students may have already spotted him, as he even gave away fliers and free sweets around campus during the first day. Anyone can find his official Facebook page and Twitter account by searching for SnackDom.

SnackDom may just be in its beginnings, but it has so far gone from around six deliveries a day at the start, to twenty a day at the present time. If you’re struggling during a long study session in the library or preparing for pre-drinks and just need something a little extra, you might consider ordering your favourite pick-n-mix snacks and having them delivered to your door! Simply search for the website, order your favourite sweets, and prepare some cash for when SnackDom arrives with your order.

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