Start-up Weekend Lancaster


No Talk. All Action. Launch a Start-up in 54 hours.

What if you were told that 54 hours could change your life?
What if you were told that 54 hours could set you on a path to greatness?
What if you were told that 54 hours would involve free pizza?

Too good to be true? Not anymore. Start-up Weekend Lancaster checks off all of that and more!

What is it?

If a marathon and a start-up had a baby, it would be Start-up Weekend and it is coming back to Lancaster for the third time from the 2nd – 4th of December. This is the biggest Start-up Weekend in the Northwest and it is expected to be bigger than ever!

This is how it works:

  • 60-second pitches result in the formation of small teams around the best, most viable concepts.
  • 54 hours are spent focusing on customer and product development, validating ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced mentors.
  • Finally, each team has the chance to present their results and receive feedback from a panel of high profile entrepreneurs and community leaders.

P.S. – There are fabulous prizes.

In addition to that, there is a stellar line up of mentors and judges who have not only had extensive experience but are also industry leaders. This puts you in a position to learn and receive personal feedback from some of the brightest and most influential people in the start-up community.

Why should I participate and how is it going to help me?

Start-up Weekend allows you to meet like-minded people; network with start-up enthusiasts and who knows…maybe you’ll meet your co-founder!

I cannot speak for you, but personally speaking, going to my first Start-up Weekend was the first step to a path I did not expect to be going down. It opened new horizons for me, exposed me to the widespread talent not only in university but everywhere from Manchester to Austria! I have learned invaluable things by working with and around diverse people and I have gone on to partner with some of them for many great things.

No matter what degree or background you come from, the intense thrill of bringing an idea to reality in just 54 hours will leave you with skills for the rest of your life.

You DON’T need to have an idea. You DON’T need to have a team. You DON’T need to have any skills or knowledge. All you need is curiosity and the willingness to learn. We’ll take care of the rest, I promise.

Has anyone ever made a successful business because of this?
Of course!
GroupMe and Zaarly- both products of Start-up Weekend have valuations in millions.
Sharypic, which was an events photo-sharing tool was incorporated in the Hack Fwd accelerator programme.

There are plenty more success stories, BUT remember, Start-up Weekend is not about the companies that are formed, it’s about the people you meet, the networks you form and the experience you have.

 When and where do you need me?

We’ll see you on December 2nd-4th at the Lancaster University Management School Hub

How do I participate?
Buy your tickets at-
(We have a special discount code for you, £5 off if you use- SWLANUK)
Check out our event page-



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