Lancaster’s Vue Slashes Cinema Prices


Good news for the avid cinema go-ers of Lancaster University. Vue Cinema in Lancaster city centre has halved its ticket prices for a year.

Concerns over the future of Vue Cinema on Church Street led to the large price reductions in tickets.

Single ticket prices for the cinema are now at a standard, fixed fee of £4.99 instead of the original £10.79 price. This offer is available for every film, every day and applies to all standard tickets, whilst VIP and upgrades still apply. It includes off-peak, adult, children, teen and senior tickets.

In comparison to LUSU’s own Take 2 Cinema, with tickets at £4 or £3 with a purple card, Vue cinema is still more expensive.

In the Bowland Lecture Theatre, across from Bowland Bar, Take 2 Cinema screens the latest releases a few months after they are released in UK cinemas.

Films are generally shown on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout each term, doors opening at 7:15pm for the film to be shown at 7:30pm.

Vue have expressed that several other cinemas across the UK have also cut their prices significantly and are involved in the promotion. Places include Barrow, Birkenhead, Hartlepool, Hull, Lancaster, Merthyr and Thanet.

A Vue spokesperson said: Vue has selected a cross section of sites across the UK for this promotion.

The idea is to give those areas a big screen experience for just £4.99”.

A few must-see films for first term are; the action-packed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the winner of seven Golden Globe Awards La La Land and the accredited novel-based film A Monster Calls.

Last term, Take 2 Cinema screened the comedy Bridget Jone’s Baby, and Jason Bourne, the long awaited sequel to the Bourne trilogy.

Take 2 Cinema run by students for students, is equipped with a 4K Ultra-HD resolution, digital projector with Dolby Digital 3D and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, challenging many multiplex cinemas.

The student cinema offers the opportunity to purchase food and drink during select showings. However, students are welcome to bring their own snacks providing there is no hot food or alcohol.

Take 2 welcomes volunteers to work at the cinema and as a complementary reward, it offers free film viewings. Students can be trained as projectionists, with the opportunity to use technology in the industry. On the other hand, students can work in front of house and all training and participation is offered free of charge.

Both Vue and Take 2 Cinema therefore offer extremely cheap prices for students to watch the latest releases, perfect for lovers of film.

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