Spring Colour Palette


Christmas is finally over, and January has arrived along with the grey, sleety weather that no one is a fan of (either snow, or don’t snow, pick a side). But with another month gone, we’re one step closer to springtime, and with the new year ahead of us all fresh and untouched, it’s time for a colour change up. The high fashion gods have spoken; before we all go haring off to swipe anything on sale that isn’t black (wearing less black seems to be everyone’s New Year’s resolution this year), take a look at what the fashion world’s creative geniuses are buzzing about this season:


So many spring/summer shows experimented with different ways of wearing lighter blue – it seems that aquatics are going to a be a staple for the year ahead. Navy wasn’t a feature here: designers focused much more on what I like to call ‘day blue’ shades. These are much much more wearable, and a definite necessity for a 2017 wardrobe. Miuccia Prada had her models in strongly sea-inspired looks adorned with shades of pale blue and sea shells, while Carolina Herrera went full indigo with a collection of gowns made completely in varying styles of denim. Britney would be proud.



Pale purple colours are a beautiful and non-threatening addition to your wardrobe in 2017. Lilac features in a variety of runway looks, but my favourite was House of Holland’s beautiful ruffled lilac gingham dresses. You couldn’t get more innocent or summery if you tried. Lilac is also a lovely colour for accessories – Lancaster’s Accessorize is a great place to start here! In the beauty department, Essie have also released some wonderful new pastel colours which are actually reinforced to make your nails stronger and less likely to split in the dry winter months. Long lilac natural talons? Yes please!


It’s not going anywhere. 2016 saw dusky pink make a huge impact on the velvet trend, which was snapped up by most of the high street in an instant. If last year was its induction to edgier textures, 2017 is dusky pink’s graduation. It’s been a key colour in numerous collections featuring plumage and featherwear – Prada’s pastel feathers can’t really be ignored here in all their great splendour. Before you get in a flap about looking like a flamingo, I’d like to draw your attention to the wardrobes of the girls on American comedy series Scream Queens. Whether or not you’ve heard of it, do yourself a favour and google ‘Scream Queens Fashion’ right now, because these beauties (in their wonderfully unrealistic but still on trend sorority closets) have hands down nailed the soft, feathery pink look. Their accessories in particular are great for this, showing amazing hair bands, hats, gloves and even stoles. The costume design on this show is absolutely incredible, and once you’ve gotten over the general OTT vibe of what they’re all wearing around ‘campus’, the colour coordination is sublime. Actually, Scream Queens might showcase the perfect ways to wear blues, lilacs, and pinks for 2017.


Surprisingly, yellow has popped up again this season, meaning we get a taste of summer early on in the year. Who needs sunshine when you can bring the rays yourself? The way to pull yellow off, without fear of looking like a baby chick, is to go for understated yellow pieces like a soft yellow jumper, or a lemon-yellow skirt. The trick is to have some confidence and allow yourself to try something a little different.


So this term, we expect to see a campus of colour, and an air of confidence about the place. Don’t forget to share your style with us using the #scanstyle on Instagram and Twitter.

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