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For the first edition of Hi Society, SCAN spoke to Lancaster University Dance Society (LuDanS) president Megan Rose Readman and show co-ordinator Beckie Smith about the society and their upcoming events.

What aims do you have for the society?

We aim to enable people who have never danced before to have the opportunity to try it, but also people who have danced since they were younger to be able to continue and compete for the university. We offer an escape from stress and the academic side of university to meet new people that you wouldn’t meet from your college.

Who is the society aimed at? Any experience needed?

Anyone and everyone is welcome. We have a competition squad that is aimed at people who have danced before, which you can audition for at intermediate and advanced level.

What type of dances does LuDanS offer?

We offer regular classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Street, and then we have specialist classes from students in dances from their home countries and around the world.

When and where are the classes each week?

It’s a rolling timetable, different every week, but most sessions happen in County South or the Playroom in the Great Hall on Monday, Tuesday and Friday 6pm – 10pm, and on Sunday 4pm – 10pm.

How would a student who is interested in LuDanS get involved and how much is the society fee?

Just turn up to the classes! The membership is £25 for the whole year, which includes any classes that you want to go to, the show and all the events.

What socials and events do you have and how often are they?

We have a social every other week, we have nights out where we go to Sugar and their will be different themes. We have also had film nights, and we are going to Manchester to watch Grease the Musical soon. On the 4th of February, we are having a charity evening at Lancaster Cricket Club in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust and Defying Dementia. On the 10th of February, we are performing at the Ballroom Dancing Society’s annual charity showcase. And we have the show in March…

Can you tell us more about the show that is coming up?

This is our biggest event of the year, taking place between 3rd – 5th of March. This year we have a theme, which is ‘All Around the World’. All the choreographers have based their dances on where the dance originates. We have three evening performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday week 17. Tickets will be going on sale soon. The event is very popular, all the members get involved and a lot of hard work goes into making it a success.

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