York master University Challenge


What better way to spend the evening than to have your intellect questioned by the sheer difficulty of the questions posed by University Challenge? In Hendrix Hall, our well-dressed host Graham Osbourne, introduced the two teams; Lancaster comprised of Boyd, Hatfield, Simpson and Shooter, York made up of Bindler, De Sousa, Maier and Longworth.

Following the format of the television programme with starter and bonus questions, two twenty minute rounds would decide the winner… and as the questions began to heat up, so did Hendrix Hall. As per typical fashion, the questions had most of the audience stumped, however De Sousa proved himself to be the maths whiz, while Maier demonstrated his prowess of the obscure; Byzantine emperors, classical music, a ‘hemi-demi-semi-quaver’ and such other mystery gems pervaded the responses.

As strange as some questions were, what was stranger were the technical difficulties, which often had the audience amused, especially when Osbourne was required to read out the ingredients of various drinks concoctions. Mild concern was expressed at York’s accuracy in responding.

Following a stellar first round, which had York at 250 points, it was clear that they had taken the lead for good, as Longworth equipped himself with a pint to conjure up some wizardry for the next round. Lancaster were making in-roads, but the bonus questions proved to be their downfall, as Osbourne began roasting them on their knowledge. A few decent comeback questions aside, York take the victory at 460 points, versus Lancaster’s 225.

Many commiserations to the Lancaster team, however, they snuck in some brilliant answers, certainly far beyond the capacity of this reporter!

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