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Frozen or Tangled?
Tim (4th year Management and Entrepreneurship): Frozen. It’s a really good movie to watch in the cinema with that special someone. I love Let it go as well.

Wallis (2nd year Fine Art): Tangled. I don’t dislike Frozen, I just believe it was overhyped. I think there’s a bit more humour in Tangled as well. I watched them both as an older teenager, and Tangled tickled me a bit more.

Do you think the rent on campus is too high, or is it good value for money?

Megan (3rd year Medicine): I think it’s quite high really, compared to what you would get in town. It’s quite expensive. But I think it’s worth paying it to live on campus for your first year, and live in halls with everyone and have that Uni experience.

Gail (3rd year Theatre): No I think it’s actually okay, compared to universities back home in Aberdeen. It’s crazy expensive there.

Jonathan (Arts & Culture Editor): I think it’s too high because there’s nothing under a £100 in County. And if you’re moving back into County, you can’t just say “oh, I want to be in Bowland that’s under £100”, because they don’t let you change. It’s crazy, they wouldn’t let my friend change… They should have something under a hundred quid in each college.

Do you think sexual health advice is easy to access on campus?

Annie (1st year English Literature): We’ve got Women’s Welfare officers in the JCR, but I don’t really know about much else. Then again, I haven’t sought it out. I don’t know where to get a sexual health test though, other than the campus GP, I think.

Tim: I think it is easy to access, I just think it’s not known about. I don’t think it’s advertised enough through LUSU. And through the colleges I know you have representatives, and college advisors, who you may not feel that comfortable approaching.

Do you believe the scheduled university staff strike is an effective way to protest pension reforms, or does it just compromise our education?

Lizzy (3rd year Film and Sociology): when you work in an educational environment, I think it is a bit selfish to compromise people who are paying £9,000 a year for their education. It’s a bit unfair to subject them to that when it’s your problem.

Tim: well, I think according to our attendance it won’t affect a lot of people, because they kinda don’t go to a lot of things anyway. But it depends on how valuable the academic staff are to that individual. So for me, if a lot of my lectures were to be on strike I wouldn’t be able to contact them, and I need that contact for a lot of my modules and coursework.

Gail: I have mixed feelings about it. I feel like they have every right to protest what’s going on, but I also feel slightly annoyed, because it’s almost two weeks of no lessons when we’re paying a lot of money to be here. And I don’t know if they’re going to be pushing deadlines back, and things like that. I can’t provide a better way to go about it, but I’m also still annoyed.

Photographs by Adam Rawlings

Lizzy and Jack
Hannah and Gail
Wallis and Jonathan
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