Trump- Bold or Brazen?


With allegations of Russian tampering with the 2016 US elections continuing to gain momentum, Donald Trump once again seems to be floundering hopelessly to distract from his own flaws, but what’s new? A master of sleight-of-hand, Trump’s presidency looks like a series of distraction tactics one after the other. But who would be surprised that the millionaire playboy can’t own up to his own mistakes?

During the campaign Trump signed a deal to build the tallest building in the world in Moscow. The middleman for this deal was a Russian born, Brooklyn raised slater with a criminal record (both violent and white collar crime). It seems like the new way to earn a spot working for the President of the United States is to prove your lack of morality. Trump seemingly wishes to ignore all of the issues his relationship with Slater creates. He also seems to want to ignore entirely that there have been multiple fake online accounts, some of which may have been created by the Russians, which slated Clinton throughout the campaign and were pushing complaints about her email scandal to media agents.

Admittedly, while this is not the soundest of ways to gain support for a campaign, it does beg the questions, ‘does it matter?’. The Russians did not tamper with the votes, nor did they create a scandal from scratch. Clinton was not, in my opinion, entirely moral in her use of private emailing for official business. Furthermore, just as Clinton’s misconduct was advertised so was Trump’s. The American public were more than aware of the Trump’s attitude towards minorities and women and yet they chose to ignore his questionable opinions, and in some cases seemed to like them. The only thing that may have changed in the public eye is the fact that Trump is no longer being entirely brazen about the truth. That said, on an international scale, no one expects Trump to own up to his dealings with the Russians and instead it seems that the world stage could accept the Trump administration as a cartoon of revolving members and scandals.

One thing Trump has been honest about is his promise to treat and run America like a business. Trump seems to have been raised on the idea that the end justifies the means. Now Trump looks to be scrambling to distract attention away from his own misconduct. Claiming that the Obama administration implanted an illegal FBI spy into his campaign shows me just how arrogant he is. He doesn’t even deny what he has done, but instead claims the only way a genius such as himself could be caught is through the wrong doings of others. Considering that Trump represents the epitome of an easy life, he thrives off of playing the victim, wishing to paint himself as the underdog who made it to the presidency against the former administrations best efforts to stop him.

As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the Obama administration had a spy within Trump’s campaign. Of course there may be evidence that Trump acted illegally, but that is not the question here. The question is, ‘does it matter?’ The Americans seem content to complain about Trump and/or adore him. If Trump is not impeached for his actions then it seems certain that he has successfully indoctrinated the American people and manipulated the governmental system to accommodate for his megalomaniac dictatorial behaviour.

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