We can all admit that the news of a Fenty lingerie collection made us eager to see what our favourite superstar, Rihanna had in store for us this time. Whilst I am still pining for the latest bad gal RiRi tunes, it’s safe to say the singer has been dipping her toes in all the right ponds in the past few years. Whilst making it as an international music artist, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has also been striving for success in the business department. Placing diversity and inclusivity at the heart of each project, this alone has earned the star huge respect across the business world, as well as from fans around the globe.

From as early as 2011, Rihanna has shown great interest in fashion-related ventures. Collaborating with a range of well-known fashion houses, as well as high street brands, it seems only obvious as to why the artist has expanded into lingerie. With background experience ranging from Armani, River Island, Dior and most recognisably, Puma, the singer-fashionista demonstrates an understanding for couture garments, in addition to making more edgy, original, and wearable pieces. This synthesis of accessibility and high-fashion for the everyday woman is evident amongst the SAVAGE X FENTY designs.

The 90-piece collection is available from its eponymous website, and whilst the line has only been available for less than a month, many of its key looks have already sold out, with bestsellers out of stock on the very first day of its launch. The lingerie pieces are divided into four core collections. The first being ‘On the Reg’, boasting everyday essentials such as the t-shirt bra and a range of styles varying from hipster to thong in their microfibre briefs. On par with the classic underwear necessities, Rihanna has also included a selection of stunning, lacy bralettes and matching ‘undies’, available in a variety of baby, pastel colours, or something more fitting to one’s skin tone. Lacy features also feed in to the second named collection, ‘U Cute’. Here, RiRi has established her love for all things graceful and sexy, placing an array of underwear sets with flattering, floral bra necklines, suitable for all cup sizes. Also now beginning to see a stretch towards more classic lingerie characteristics, introducing netting-like playsuit renditions of the bras and knickers alike.

The third segment, ‘Damn’, truly embodies SAVAGE X FENTY. Rihanna sports beautifully crafted corsets, garters, skirts, camis, and shorts, alongside a stand-out maxi slip in yellow neon lace; ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Although this element of SAVAGE may be seen for the sassier, body-confident ones among us, it is also important to acknowledge Rihanna has visually tried to create something for everyone, offering more covering, Bardot-style bodysuits, ‘babydoll’ dress-like creations, and even a pair of polka dot leggings! ‘Damn’ excels itself, executing erotic essentials, together with bright coloured, simple sleepwear.

Progressively increasing towards more ‘risqué’ selections, the final collection, ‘Black Widow’ speaks for the ultra-sexy woman in all of us. Moving between cupless/half-cut bras, rompers, robes, and almost-transparent jump suits, this collection is every girl’s dream. Dominated by black tones, pure white, and a stunning ‘Fairy Dust’ lilac, RiRi has blessed every item in this collection with pure bad-gal essence. Rihanna also combines her stretched, floral lace with the introduction of feathery, fluffy trimmings. Balancing cuteness with ultimate sex appeal, Rihanna has truly outdone herself, commenting “there are really no rules with lingerie; cute and edgy can live in the same collection”.

With inclusivity being a benchmark concept for all of Rihanna’s business endeavours, it is no surprise that SAVAGE X FENTY is available for women of all sizes, with measures starting from XS to 3XL, and cup sizes ranging from 32A to 44DD. Not only does inclusivity come in the form of size, but also in colour variation among the more basic, fundamental attires; being compatible with a number of skin tone shades. International shipping is also embedded within the brand, making the range available to a massive 210 countries, allowing ‘savages’ worldwide to get their share of this playful, sensual and fearless aesthetic.

“It was important for me to push the boundaries, but also create a line that women can see themselves in” underlines the Fenty founder. Rihanna has executed this stylistic equilibrium perfectly, pushing traditional designs to their limits and creating a comfortable, yet all-encompassing range allowing women to feel authentic in lingerie that exudes individuality. “I want to make people look and feel good, and have fun playing around with different styles”, she comments.

Price wise, every item remains under $100. Which to me seems fairly reasonable, with the likes of so many celeb-faced brands today placing extortionate prices on products simply because of their fame. The everyday wear begins at $15, rising to that of around $34, while the more expensive garments vary from $69 to $99. Again, this plays into the hands of Rihanna aiming for a standard of inclusion, making prices representative of the high quality products, consequently appearing affordable.

Although some critics may have their reservations about Rihanna’s sense for luxury lingerie, she knows her market to a tee. She has effectively created a range for all women; no easy feat considering the fear women with a lack of self-esteem often hold for sexy lingerie. “Everyone should feel good wearing lingerie – that’s it”, is that not the sexiest outlook a girl could have? Underwear should increase one’s inner and outer confidence, with every woman out there being their own kind of beautiful whether showing skin or not.

Comparison of the critical and commercial acclaim already held by the artist from her Fenty Beauty cosmetics and FENTY X PUMA sporty, streetwear, enriched by the nature of the lingerie range already being more than half sold out, leaves me with no doubt that SAVAGE X FENTY is certainly having its moment. Ann Summers better sleep with one eye open when bad gal RiRi is in town.

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