Psychic Sally Review: To Be Taken With A Pinch of Salt


Self-confessed psychic, Sally Morgan, lured in the locals this November. The world-renowned medium, television star, and 2018 Big Brother finalist presented her 10th Anniversary Tour at The Lancaster Grand Theatre this month. Rising to fame, Morgan’s eponymous ‘Psychic Sally: On The Road’ series began in 2006, with 20 broadcasted episodes. Since then, the past ten years or so have seen Sally take the nation by storm – showcasing over 1350 shows, in addition to being showbiz’s favourite psychic. With a clientele list including the likes of George Michael and Princess Diana, it leaves the rest of us wondering whether there is some validity in Morgan’s sixth sense.

Before the performance, I was ambivalent, to say the least. I had watched Sally on the TV plenty of times before, always left in awe of the way she could pinpoint the specifics of people’s lives, their futures, and ‘get in touch’ with beloved lost ones. Whilst a part of me has always left the door ajar for the non-corporeal to come and swoon me over, and my ethos of keeping an open mind was no different on the night of Sally’s debut, I was consciously aware that what I had seen, and was about to see, was for entertainment purposes only. This left me questioning whether the preceding ‘talents’ I had seen on the screen were true to Morgan’s abilities in the flesh.

A nod to the uncertainty of psychic capabilities was exhibited before Sally had even taken a step to the stage. Projected in bright lights was European legislation regarding the lack of proof for Sally’s skills. Underneath, however, was a comment made by the medium herself, suggesting her ethereal connections had nor been unproven. Whether being a statement to her work, and/or a comical remark, the insight to legality in relation to psychic practices was something I had not been previously aware of; this left me thinking about the length to which we can truly trust the simple word of just one person who self-proclaims access to the dead.

With an entrance enhanced by a questionable choice of dramatic music, Morgan finally engaged some captivation, swanning on in the most suited, sparkling blazer, with glittering shoes to match. For a short time, the hostess detailed her experiences: what being a psychic really means, when it all started, and what we were to expect from the next few hours. Morgan expressed that her potential began at the young age of 7, being a knock-on effect at the loss of her uncle. Now at the age of 68, Sally admits her interactions offer a sense of validation; a second chance at happiness to those who grieve the non-existence of those they once knew.

Over two parts, Sally put across to the audience the thoughts and scenarios the energies of the deceased fed her – calling out the odd name, date, address, and describing imagery in hopes that it would relate to someone. At the beginning of each new ‘message’, it was evident people were hesitant to begin a dialogue with Morgan. Perhaps this was due to the intense emotions this kind of revelation stirs, or that participants were being wary of approaching too keenly, asking is this my grandad she’s on about, or somebody else’s? Although Morgan was gauging the awareness of some, once an engagement had been instigated, I felt as though she was getting too much too wrong. She’d pick up the relationship of someone’s passed Auntie Connie, and then relate her to the names of people the living family members could simply not recall. This went on for much of the performance, and quite frankly, I was glad to have not paid for a ticket.

However, a very poignant moment occurred as Sally addressed a connection with a young man named ‘Adam’. Morgan recalled imagery of Adam, pacing up and down, looking over a breadth of water. The famed psychic then admitted she felt as though Adam died as a result of suicide. Sally asked a now-standing audience member who had come forth if her occupation related to the services – her answer was yes. Sally now submitted an account of the young boy having hung himself over this water-filled setting; the participant confirmed this as correct. Sally then exclaimed “Denise!”, in which the recipient of the communication almost nervously laughed in response, explaining that the woman who overlooked Adam’s entire case held the same name. Sally concluded this as a ‘lovely message’ (for which she did almost every consultation), telling the lady at hand she was to be the messenger of this interaction, with Adam having reached out specifically to thank Denise and the work she had committed to as a result of his taking of life. Had this interaction not transpired, I do believe I would be sitting here now never wanting to explore the world of psychic mediums again.

Albeit this experience was personally, rather underwhelming, yet I remain in constant dispute with myself about the trials and tribulations of the spiritual world. As a witness, I will never get to hear or see the follow-up audience members may have with their families; possibly revealing some hidden truths in Sally’s speech that the addressee was formerly unaware of. My conclusion is such an event as this is one to be taken with a pinch of salt. Our understanding of life on the other side will never be sufficient unless we are presented with the gift of doing so. While I hoped my faith in medium aptitudes would be finalised after Morgan’s presence, it is clear to me now that I am more undecided than I ever was before.

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