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I think its safe to say that many of us, including myself, thought the fad of the beauty industry would slowly lose its momentum by 2018. BOY OH BOY, was I wrong. According to ThoughtShift, the UK’s skincare, beauty and cosmetics industry is worth £17 billion, whilst globally, figures show an expected reach of over $675 billion by 2020. The cosmetic culture of Generation Z is clearly more than a hop, skip and jump away from the Dream Matte Mousse memories of our millennial childhoods. The question is, is it too much? What is the future of the industry and the hungry consumer it has created? Let’s have a flick through the files.


What have been the biggest beauty holy-grails of 2018?

Personally, I think it’s getting harder to find holy-grail products due to the MUST HAVE climate we find ourselves in; how many MUST haves, MUST we have? Saying that, certain products and brands have blown up this year: Makeup Revolution being one of them. The release of their Conceal & Define concealer saw the low-key brand gain high praise from significant beauty influencers all over the internet. The full coverage product rose to fame as a dupe for Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer. The amazing, 25 shade range speaks for itself, making the product perfect for highlighting, contouring and correcting for several skin types. The cheap and cheerful price point of £4 might also have something to do with it. The response to Jeffree Star’s beautifully bold, ‘Blood Sugar’ palette was also a huge success, alongside that of the Sugarpill x Trixie Mattel ‘Oh Honey!’ collab, which sold out within days. These best-sellers suggest our desires as cosmetic consumers are changing. In such a huge market, we are wanting more than just pigment; we crave innovation, character, and probably the odd celebrity face here and there.

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Skincare has had so much focus this year, what have been the most recommended releases?

With make-up application being considered more of an art, the importance of skincare has sky-rocketed. After all, you have to prime your canvas before you paint. Glam Glow face masks and Farsali Unicorn Tears seem to have never left our Instas since their appearance in 2016. However, after checking the price tags, it seems moisturising in tears of our own is the best option. Garnier’s Micellar Water is still one of the most popular and accessible skin care items around. Clay or charcoal masks have also taken precedence – and if you’re feeling really fancy, Collagen Eye pads are a nice addition. In 2018, self care has been more important than ever, and skincare routines have given this a decent place to start.

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What beauty hacks has 2018 had to offer?

By now, everyone is aware of the dot-to-dot eyebrow method and the number 3 contouring technique. Last year we saw everything from silicone sponges to applying eyeliner with floss. This year, there has been an increasing amount of creativity, in order to stand out from the crowd. Blushing noses, stencilling cheeks, and applying white liner to the lid for increased pigmentation have been some of the techniques makeup lovers have experimented with, and I’m here for it.


What products have had the most backlash?

Over the years, the beauty community has had its fair share of scandal, and 2018 has been no different. There have been revelations, and some extremely career damaging *cough* LauraLee *cough* moments. The flop of Tarte’s much anticipated Shape Tape foundation was quite frankly embarrassing. With only 2 deep shades out of 15, Tarte’s inability to cater to a diverse market saw the internet do what it does best and ATTACK. RiRi’s Fenty Beauty, also had somewhat of a disappointing release in that of the hyped, Body Lava. We wanted: glowing goddess skin. We got: a sticky and sickly smelling product. Whilst the product was received as refreshing, I’ve had homemade baby oil and highlight combinations work better.

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What do we expect to see from 2019?

As both consumers and lovers of the beauty industry, we are getting quite tired of celebrity brands. Influencer-faced brands are essentially cash cows, with no real passion behind them. Looking into my crystal ball, I see more men in make-up, more inclusion, and more creativity. LGHH (lashes, gloss, hoops and highlighter) will always be a mood, especially through the Summer months. The demand for individuality is higher than ever before, and alike to fashion, I think bold is definitely going to be considered beautiful.

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